Prof. Cardinal Warde


Dr. Cardinal Warde is one of the world’s leading experts on materials, devices and systems for optical information processing and displays. He joined the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1974, where he is currently Professor of Electrical Engineering.  He holds a bachelor's degree in physics (with high honor) from the Stevens Institute of Technology, and M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from Yale University.


Professor Warde's current research activities are centered on the development of: (1) Compact Optoelectronic Integrated Neural-network (COIN) co-processors for brain-like computing, (2) optoelectronic smart-pixel sensors and processors, (3) spatial light modulators and projection displays based on micro-electro-mechanical systems and (4) high-resolution, adaptive, wavefront-phase compensation systems for imaging and optical communications. He is the holder of 12 patents on spatial light modulators, displays and optical information processing systems.  He is also the co-editor of one book on optical materials, and has published three book chapters in addition to over 150 technical papers on optical materials, devices and systems.


Professor Warde serves as the Faculty Director of the MITES program at MIT, the Interim Executive Director of the Caribbean Science Foundation, and the President of the Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology and Innovation.  The latter organization has chapters in London, New England and The US southeast region.  He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Stevens Institute of Technology, and on the US National Science Foundation Small Business Advisory Committee.  Currently he serves as a scientific advisor to the Government of Barbados, as well as on the boards of a number of high-technology companies in the US and the Caribbean.


Dr. Warde is a fellow of the Optical Society of America, and a former Associate Editor of the Journal of Display Technology.  He holds honorary degrees from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2009), and the University of the West Indies (2008).  He is also a 2003 recipient of the Companion of Honour of Barbados.  He is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Optron Systems, Inc. and a co-founder of Radiant Images, Inc. which was acquired by Hoya Corporation of Japan in 2004.  The latter was engaged in the manufacture of liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplays for display eyeglasses and cellular telephones.



Current and Recent Visiting Scholars



Dr. Huarong Gu


Dr. Huarong Gu, Assistant Professor of Precision Instrument at Tsinghua University, is currently a Visiting Scholar at MIT. He is working on improving the design and development of components and systems for the Compact Optoelectronic Integrated Neural (COIN) co-processor, focusing on: (a) development of optical interconnection elements, and (b)modelling and simulation of the performance of the COIN co-processor. His research interests include optical information processing, optical information coding, optical data storage, and opto-mechanical system design.







Dr. Jiayu Zhang

School of Electronic Science and Engineering
Southeast University
Nanjing, China










Yasushi Takamatsu













Current and Former Graduate students


Christos Somails


Wegene Tadale


Andrew Lamson


Risha Mars


Dr. William Herrington


Dr. David Dunmeyer

MIT Lincoln Laboratory












Dr. Travis Simpkins

Senior Engineer

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Golden, CO, USA










Dr. Ben Reudlinger

Vice President of Operations


Cambridge, MA , USA











Prof. Donghyun Kim

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Yonsei University

Seoul, Korea