Advisory Roles

Enhancement of Leadership Capacity

In the rapidly changing Knowledge Intensive economic environment, an organization’s ability to survive and sustain its competitiveness will no longer only depend on how its leadership draws strength from its past track records of success, but in its ability to draw strength from its capacity to explore the unknown. Partha Ghosh with outsider’s eyes and insider’s heart, and a strategic mind helps organizations/boards raise the questions which though important are not often discussed, and works with their managements as required in evolving the answers. Critical in his approach is the dynamic leadership he provides in enabling leaders rapidly structure the problem solving process on difficult issues in such a fashion that however out of box or transformational the answers might be, he makes them actionable and measurable.

In simple terms, Partha Ghosh helps companies stay ahead of the curve and assists management teams face the curve balls to their advantage, as opposed to being hurt by them. Leveraging forces of the market place more often requires fresh and creative views, Partha Ghosh provides those perspectives and insights in defining and addressing the issues.

New Frontier Management

In the fast moving environment organization leaders are most often caught up in meeting the expectations of the investment community every quarter, as a result frontier opportunities do get as much traction they deserve by leaders. In fact with a few exceptions in the last 25 years the frontier opportunities were very rarely pursued by large organizations. Often participations in frontier areas were in reaction to an external event(s) when they were no longer had the value creation potential frontier opportunities typically offer.

Partha Ghosh aspires to help Boards of large and small companies become familiar with the relevant frontier opportunities direct or indirect in a disciplined fashion. For example by organizing a two day retreat session with state of the art thinkers on frontier issues such as Natural Capitalism, Reverse Logistics, Empowered Power, Implications of customer driven pricing models etc. Partha Ghosh will help organizations develop consensus on break through opportunities, and help large organizations engage with Frontiers in a more proactive fashion while containing and mitigating associated risks.

Strategic Venturing

Short business Cycles will require companies to increasingly rely on their ability to successfully launch new ventures in a rapid fashion. On one hand fierce competition and high expectations from financial community does not allow organizations to develop and sharpen venturing capacity as an full in house asset, on the other hand it is fundamentally necessary for organizations to be able launch new businesses in frontier areas every six to eighteen months. In synch with his advisory roles to leaderships of companies Partha Ghosh works with leaders to identify such ventures and help organize the ventures for smooth and robust take offs, as catalysts/enablers to the internal teams.


Partha Ghosh has served various leaders on a very personal basis on issues which are often very sensitive and cannot be discussed with any one within or outside the organizations they lead. Such as issues teasing a true out of box business idea like major acquisition or M & A, or restructuring of the board, and/or dealing personal dynamics at top management levels.

Partha Ghosh as a trusted friend and a well wisher of the organization take a very objective and yet personal approach which integrates his experience with leaders form Oriental and Occidental cultures blending the teachings of various philosophies from Buddhism, Christianity, Confucius, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Through his muti-industry experience in multiple cultures in solving leadership issues, Partha Ghosh organizes one to one session once a month to work with leaders on highly soft philosophical issues to bring the best out of leaders in enhancing their natural charisma on domains they want to influence.

Start-up Management

Partha Ghosh helps start up companies multiple ways, - in helping the founders sharpen their value propositions, provide direct leadership in addressing organizational issues, and most importantly build objective and professional relationship with the investment community. As a believer in the importance of entrepreneurship in the modern day capitalism he is willing to reach out to entrepreneurs all over the world, - through the web and direct interface, as required. His technological mindset and training in concert with his problem solving capacity, and familiarity with international markets make him a unique asset for any frontier venture.