Prashanth S. Venkataram

MIT S. B. 2014, Major Course VIII, Minor Course XIV

Hi! My name is Prashanth, and I am a 2014 SB graduate of MIT. My major was course 8 (physics), and my minor was course 14 (economics). You can check out my CV on this page, which is valid as of 2014 June 7 (right after graduation). Right after graduating from MIT, I moved to Princeton University for graduate studies; you can find a more up-to-date personal site there as long as I am in Princeton University, and as of 2017 July 2, this site will be frozen as-is. When I wasn't doing stuff for classes, my UROP, or other random stuff, I enjoyed writing about science and technology in my personal blog, which you can find at the bottom of this page. You can contact me through the email derived from my Kerberos username, which you probably would have had to know to reach this site. Thanks for stopping by!


8.THU – Undergraduate Physics Thesis (2014 Spring)

Computational Investigations of Nanophotonic Systems

8.334 – Statistical Mechanics II (2014 Spring)

In search for phase transitions in Casimir force between percolating metal lattices (coauthored with Michael O. Flynn, Charles Xu, and Andrei Klishin)

14.15 – Networks (2014 Spring)

Thermodynamic Investigations of Random Graph models (coauthored with Joaquin A. Maury and Samuel Peana)

8.06 – Quantum Physics III (2013 Spring)

Electromagnetic Field Quantization & Applications to the Casimir Effect

8.14 – Experimental Physics II (2013 Spring)

The Zeeman and Hyperfine Splittings of Mercury Emission Spectra
Optical Pumping of Rubidium Vapor Atoms
Mössbauer Spectroscopy
X-Ray Physics or: How I Came to Stop Worrying and Love the Amersham

8.13 – Experimental Physics I (2012 Fall)

Optical Spectroscopy of Hydrogenic Atoms
Johnson Noise and Shot Noise: The Boltzmann Constant, Absolute Zero, and the Electron Charge
The Mean Lifetime and Speed of Cosmic-Ray Muons

8.223 – Classical Mechanics II (2012 IAP)

Properties of the Lennard-Jones Potential

Other Work

The Physics of Invisibility Cloaks (2014 IAP)
Holiday Lighting Circuit: Series or Parallel? (2013 Summer)
A World Without Friction (2013 IAP)
UROP Profile (2013 Spring)
MIT APS 2013 March Meeting Presentation (video)


Properties of the Lennard-Jones Potential (2012 summer; extended version)
Another Look at Gaussian CGS Units: or, Why CGS Units Make You Cool (2012 spring) (but actually Lorentz-Heaviside CGS may be the coolest)
Expected Utility and the Density Matrix (2013 spring/summer)

Personal Blog