Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Depleted Uranium Weapons:
Toxic Contaminant or Necessary Technology?

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Saturday, March 6 2004
1-5 pm

Room 34-101 (50 Vassar Street)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The United States has used depleted uranium (DU) ammunitions on a large scale in Puerto Rico, Iraq, the Balkans, and Afghanistan. Incomplete and often contradictory information has polarized debate on the use of DU weapons. There is widespread controversy over whether the DU weapons residue poses a health threat to soldiers, local inhabitants, and ecosystems, or is simply the byproduct of an effective military technology.

On March 6 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, six science and policy experts will address the environmental impact, health effects, and related policy issues surrounding DU weapons. The goal of this conference is to answer questions and dispel myths, report on the current state on the science, and discuss the ramifications of continued DU use by the US military.