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The Student Pugwash USA Election Guide 2004 is no longer active, with the election having taken place, but remains intact for anyone who finds it useful or interesting. We apologize for the small number of issues explored - the project recruited too few students with too little time. Nonetheless, we hope this was useful, and that you continue to explore science and technology policies in greater detail in the future.

How much do science and technology matter to this year's elections?

A lot.

From protecting the nation from bioterrorist attacks and keeping nuclear weapons secure, to providing needed energy and a healthy environment for the United States' nearly 300 million citizens. From cutting edge medical research to breakthroughs in industry, a strong country, healthy population, and prosperous economy are made possible by science and technology.

It is vital that all of us not just the politicians and the scientists understand the issues at stake. We need to appreciate how science and technology can impact our lives, and how we can shape the path of innovation so that science and technology work for us, not against us.

So when you vote this November, know the issues and know who supports the positions you identify with.

To help you out Student Pugwash USA has compiled some information, to which we will continue to add as the election draws near, that will help you to make an informed vote. [Press release]

Please tell us what you think. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to help develop the Election Guide or would like to get involved in Student Pugwash USA. If you would like to comment on any information we've put together, please fill out a feedback form. With your input we can all have a better understanding of the issues, and where the candidates stand.

Student Pugwash USA is a national non-partisan, educational organization, and the Student Pugwash USA Election Guide 2004 is a national student project, hosted by MIT Student Pugwash.