Room: 5.519 Exits: E  SW  U  D       (Shortcuts)


The Hall of Chess

You find yourself in a huge room where you hear someone say "Check!". In the center of the room a hologram is running, showing a line of people of different nationalities taking turns walking to alternate sides of a chess board, making a move, then notating it on a piece of paper lying by the board. You watch them make nine moves. At that point the players look at the piece of paper, nod their heads, and shake hands all around.

Most of the players walk off and disappear from the hologram, but one of the last nine stops the other eight and says, "Perhaps we should say something about those last nine moves." Each of them in turn faces whatever camera took this image, thus facing you, and makes a statement about the last nine moves. Then they leave, and the camera zooms in on the board, which comes into sharp focus in the position given below.