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This knoll is a natural look-out post. Sentries posted here would have a clear view of the entire northeast coast and the sea beyond. It's a nice view, but not something to stare at for hours on end. The men standing watch probably entertained themselves with fanciful tales of Blackbeard and other swashbucklers-- though if they'd met the characters in real life, they probably would have been disappointed. Equally unsatisfying is the decided lack of ingots at the top of the hill.

bootleg liquor slang 1/7
mousy Gonzales3/4
Goldman's 1992 Year3/5
le mousquetaire vain1/6
chopped up RHPS boyfriend2/5
Shakin' Lewis5/5
grade B mutant ants4/6
a young Scottish boy, diminutive 2/3
famous diary writer Anne2/5
spotted planet1/7
mineral slang for diamonds7/8
Swanky Teena1/5
a car's igniting electrode 1/3
a shout of victory often heard in halls4/5
Oldman's famed '94 role2/4
the real Boston Market2/5
Dino's daddy1/7
potentially lucky thankgiving leftovers2/6
Caddyshack chain brothers3/4
BtVS girl's directorial debut7/7
panini creator of the same name1/6
79th district rep Jackson2/4
Fauvism leader1/4
Matthau and Serious shared role4/5
speedy Gaelic1/4
romanticized saint4/4
Romero does Kafka4/6