by Marcy Levey, Brian Tivol, and Roger Barkan

First: Recognize the various cookies used to make the cookie monster.

Second: Count how many of each cookie is used in the picture.

Third: Turn the cookies at the bottom of the picture into letters.  If
 a cookie appears N times in the monster, then replace it with its
 Nth letter to spell the message: CAN BE EATEN.

Fourth: Determine that CAN BE EATEN is a clue for EDIBLE.

These are the cookies:
 (C)hessmen, Mil(a)no, Lorna Doo(n)e; Lis(b)on, Fudg(e) Stripe; Fig
 N(e)wton, Circus Anim(a)l, Nutter But(t)er, Or(e)o, Ge(n)eva.