Spare the Rod

By Chris Morse

(aka Cute Boys III)


In the first column, there is exactly one person that can be paired

with a person on the second column because they both had large roles

on the same television show. 


Reading the bigrams for each show's actor pair, in the alphabetic

order by the title of the show yields this phrase:


“Why yes, the answer you're seeking really is PENISES”.


The pairs, show title, and bigram:


21 Jump Street

W - Johnny Depp

H - Richard Grieco


7th Heaven

Y - Barry Watson

Y - David Gallagher



E - Glenn Quinn

S - Vincent Kartheiser



T - Jeremy Jackson

H - David Chockachi


Boy Meets World

E - Rider Strong

A - Will Friedle


California Dreams

N - Jay Anthony Franke

S - Aaron Jackson


CSI: Crime Scene Investigations

W - Eric Szmanda

E - George Eads



R - Gregory Smith

Y - Chris Pratt


Jack + Jill

O - Ivan Sergei

U - Simon Rex


Malcolm in the Middle

R - Frankie Muniz

E - Justin Berfeld


One Tree Hill

S - Chad Michael Murray

E - James Lafferty



E - Christopher Gorham

K - Bryce Johnson


Queer As Folk

I - Gale Harold

N - Randy Harrison



G - Colin Hanks

R - Nick Wechsler


Saved by the Bell

E – Mark-Paul Gosselaar

A - Mario Lopez



L - Zach Braff

L - Donald Faison


Silver Spoons

Y - Ricky Schroeder

I - Jason Bateman



S - Tom Welling

P - Michael Rosenbaum


Sports Night

E - Josh Malina

N - Peter Krause


That 70's Show

I - Topher Grace

S - Ashton Kutcher


The O.C.

E - Adam Brody

S - Chris Carmack




The first column of pictures go:

Glenn Quinn

Rider Strong

Christopher Gorham

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Josh Malina

Adam Brody

Colin Hanks

Gale Harold

Topher Grace

Zach Braff

Jay Anthony Franke

Ivan Sergei

Gregory Smith

Frankie Muniz

Chad Michael Murray

Tom Welling

Jeremy Jackson

Johnny Depp

Eric Szmanda

Barry Watson

Ricky Schroeder



The second column of pictures go:


Will Friedle

Mario Lopez

Justin Berfeld

James Lafferty

George Eads

David Chockachi

Richard Grieco

Jason Bateman

Bryce Johnson

Donald Faison

Peter Krause

Randy Harrison

Michael Rosenbaum

Nick Wechsler

Vincent Kartheiser

Chris Carmack

Ashton Kutcher

Aaron Jackson

Simon Rex

Chris Pratt

David Gallagher