tanding in front of the boarded-up storefront, you sigh. A week ago your favorite bookstore occupied this spot, but now, nada. Your friend Chris tries to comfort you.

“It could be worse. You can still order your books on Amazon.” Chris says, placing an arm around your shoulder.

“Amazon stinks. It’s not the books themselves, it’s the smells, it’s the leafing through huge stacks, it’s talking to owner about what Piers Anthony is doing or the latest Terry Pratchett offering.” You sigh. “Why couldn’t they have at least relocated, you know, like that other place did.”

“These things happen.” Chris sighs. “Look, it’s cold out. I’m heading back to our dorm. I’ll meet you back there.”

To follow Chris back to the dorm, go to 10.
To continue to stand in front of the window, go to 61.
To break into the abandoned store, go to 22.