by Francis Heaney


The clues are meaningless except for each of their words' first letters. Each answer is comprised of the initial letters of one word from its own clue, one from the next clue, and so on (wrapping around from the end of the Down clues back to the beginning of the Across clues). The words for each answer are shown in a single color in the clues below. After the grid is filled, the two long entries spell READ CENTERS OF TOP MIDDLE AND LAST ROW. The middle six letters of each spell CHANGE EACH TO TWENTY.

1Susan, in Rocky Horror
6 E. Y. Harburg song
10 Slippery as an eel
15 Green, blue, and navy
16 German city east of Augsburg
17 Ronald Reagan's last movie
18 The biggest island on Earth
19 One of the rational numbers
20 Beau ideal, in English
23 e. e. cummings's "one regret"
24 East African nation renamed Ethiopia
25 Not as slow as
28 Chief executive of Dell
30 "Don't ___ your temper!"
35 Makes some repairs
37 Emulate Hank Aaron
39 It's small and round
40 Mexican labor union chief Ernesto
41 Tom of Message in a Bottle
42 Constructor of air-to-air missiles
43 East Coast hip-hop rivalry
44 Person that's down to earth
45 Ex-Velvet Underground lyricist
46 Rhode Island-New York expressway
48 Yearly summit in Austria
50 They may not understand anything
51 Done playing NFL exhibition games?
52 Middle-earth's oldest hobbit
64 Ringing in the ears
65 Sporting no bikini top
66 In the second estate
67 Cat on a ___ Roof
68 Elisha Otis's most-used invention
69 Finds a new girlfriend
70 Needing a lot of help
71 Grey Squadron's Star Wars episode
72 Yo-yo expert Ryan

1 International New Year's Eve event
2 Gets to the second stage
3 Absence of any empathy
4 A no-star restaurant review
5 Essayist born in Chicago
6 Out of Africa heroine
7 "Not on a dare!"
8 National Lampoon's Class Reunion extra
9 Gay rights issue in Nevada
10 Eats everything on the counter?
11 The Believer magazine's executive editor
12 Role established by Erik Estrada
13 On the red-eye
14 Satchmo and Elvis, for two
21 Roman emperor that succeeded Nero Claudius
22 Acting under one's own steam
25 Avoids real estate property taxes
26 Rock and roll "Doctor"
27 "Did you ever ___ love me?"
29 It's after Easter Sunday
30 You need these to hear
31 A mantra you might utter
32 Like motorcycles or mobile homes
33 The agony and the ecstasy?
34 Didn't come to bed
36 An Icelandic Eurovision Song contestant
38 It has a narrow rim
42 Character in Gates of Discord
44 Prosecuted vice president of Enron
47 Exiled emperor Haile Selassie's nation
49 Element used during radiation therapy
53 Street abutting Manhattan's Lower East Side
54 Marx, Lenin, and Mao Tse-Tung
55 "Et in Arcadia ego" is one
56 Yellow bird native to Dominican Republic
57 Adam and Eve's indecent exposure?
58 Sunday Night Football network
59 "I didn't expect you!"
60 Cindy Lou Who's nickname
61 Running out of energy
62 Not still of use
63 What George Gamow taught