by, and starring, Jennifer Braun


Each of the dances being performed is from when a female character performs the emote /dance in the online videogame World of Warcraft (hinted by "wow 'em with your dance moves" and the T-shirt for the Eastvale Logging Camp). The races, in order, are:

Night Elf

A song is playing in the background of each dance. Those songs mention, in the lyrics being played, one of the Player vs. Player, or "PvP," rankings from WoW (clued by the phrase "rank amateur"). Those songs and their rankings are:

Jack Off Jill's "Girl Scout": Scout
Mystikal's "Mr. Shittalker": First Sergeant
Momus's "Violets": Sergeant Major
Beyoncé and Mos Def's "If Looks Could Kill (You Would Already Be Dead)": Sergeant
Faith Hill's "This Kiss": Knight
R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)": Grunt
Paul McCartney and Wings' "Jet": Sergeant Major
Johnny Cash's "Ballad of a Teenage Queen": Scout
Def Leppard's "Rocket": Sergeant
The Wu-Tang Clan's "The Monument": Scout

In WoW each rank has a name and also a number (e.g., a Knight is Rank 6). Taking the number associated with each rank as an index into the race being danced you get:

Scout = Rank 1 into Troll = T
First Sergeant = Rank 5 into Tauren = E
Sergeant Major = Rank 5 into Human = N
Sergeant = Rank 3 into Undead = D
Knight = Rank 6 into Night Elf = E
Grunt = Rank 2 into Troll = R
Sergeant Major = Rank 5 into Dwarf = F
Scout = Rank 1 into Orc = O
Sergeant = Rank 3 into Gnome = O
Scout = Rank 1 into Tauren = T

And that spells TENDERFOOT .