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Big Musical Number

Trip Payne

The 20 song excerpts are as follows:

"Clever": "Come on Eileen" (Dexys Midnight Runners); 1,000,000
"Cold": "Nikita" (Elton John); 10
"Cumulus": "Love Rain" (Jill Scott); 84
"Deal": "Airplane" (Indigo Girls); 30,000
"Disappears": "The End of the Tour" (They Might Be Giants): 91
"Disciples": "Sign O The Times" (Prince); 17
"Double": "I Feel Lucky" (Mary Chapin Carpenter); 11,000,000
"Firehouse": "Oddfellows Local 151" (REM); 151
"Frankincense": "Jane" (Barenaked Ladies); 14
"Irresistible": "Paris Original" (from "How to Succeed..."); 39
"June": "Barcelona" (from "Company"); 18
"Kangaroo": "Flowers on the Wall" (Statler Brothers); 51
"Lollipop": "Queen of the Hop" (Bobby Darin); 16
"Man": "Go Where You Wanna Go" (Mamas & Papas); 3,000
"Marie": "Hey Pachuco" (Royal Crown Revue); 43
"Matador": "Keeping the Faith" (Billy Joel); 45
"Same": "The Rain" (Oran Juice Jones); 3,700
"Satisfaction": "Disco Inferno" (Trampps); 100
"Semiautomatic": "Trigger Happy" (Weird Al Yankovic); 47
"Table": "Mr Sellack" (Roches); 40,000,307

Each of these excerpts comes from a different song whose title begins with one of the letters from A to T (ignoring initial articles).  Each song's lyrics contain exactly one number greater than 1 (as suggested by the flavortext).

Plugging these numbers into the equation gives 400,984 x 649,687 = 260,514,092,008; breaking that number into two-digit chunks and translating into alphabet code gives ZENITH.