by Ian Tullis

On the fake "Solution" page are paraphrases of the solutions of past Hunt puzzles from 2000-2008. Identify the puzzles and compile their answers. The year is given for each solution in order to narrow the search space.

Each set of seven answers can be solved using the framework of a previous Hunt meta in which none of the answers originally appeared. (In each case, the meta's original ordering mechanism is ignored and the words are used in the order they're given in this puzzle.) The extra number after each group gives the year for that meta. Each of these metas solves to another former Hunt answer.

Meta 1: All words contain only I and O as vowels; these become binary 1s and 0s [1] (05)

Meta 2: Silent letters [9] (03)

Meta 3: Words begin with sounds of letters [17] (06)

Meta 4: Double letters [25] (02)

Meta 5: Canfield card counting [33] (04)

Meta 6: Embedded Roman numerals between 1 and 26 [41] (02)

Meta 7: Embedded keyboard symbols point to an index [49] (02)

The seven meta answers are CABBAGE [57], ON STAGE [58], VMLINUX [59], EFFENDI [60], REVIVAL [61], DEICIDE [62], and RECTION [63]. One parenthetical clue remains: 03. In 2003, there were seven metas and a metameta that involved reading upwards along the diagonal [64]. Doing so with this group gives:

for a delicious REVENGE.