Here at Crazy Larry's, we've got everything you need to upgrade your ship
and explore the outer limits of Zyzzlvaria!

Unfortunately, although we have lots of nifty items in stock, it doesn't look like any of them fit your ship's capabilities -- or, frankly, your bank balance. Perhaps you might return after you gather a wee bit more cash?

Mach Drive The cheapest drive available. Break the speed of sound without breaking your wallet! (Should let your ship reach The ATM.) d$ 4.00 Not Installable
Warp Drive When you travel at the speed of light, you'll be seen, figuratively, as space captain #1! (Should let your ship reach Hiigara.) d$ 6.00 Not Installable
Hyper Drive Two spooky starchildren power this engine, by sitting in the back repeating 'Are we there yet?' (Should let your ship reach Castor & Pollux.) d$ 8.00 Not Installable
Ludicrous Drive When Mach isn't macho enough, when Warp isn't warped enough, when Hyper isn't hyper enough, it's time to get ludicrous. (Should let your ship reach Kronos.) d$ 10.00 Not Installable
4-D Imaging Holodeck System Want to get away from it all? The ultimate in escapism, as this system will put you in another place and time, while the rest of the world carries on without you. Cheaper than drugs and less dangerous than alcohol! (Should let your ship reach Virtual Sectors.) d$ 20.00 Not Installable
Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Phaser Beam System Wanna settle an argument, but without dangerous fisticuffs? This system allows you to settle disputes via space-age laser beams. (Should let your ship reach Combat Simulator.) d$ 30.00 Not Installable
Lunar Radiation Tracking System When the moon hits your eye, that's not amore, that's dangerous! Track lunar radiation with this handy-dandy radiation counter. (Should let your ship reach Orbital Nexus.) d$ 40.00 Not Installable
Latinum Handcuff Containment System Whether you need to detain a dangerous hostile alien or retain a high-ranking captain, these handcuffs are both durable and flattering. Let's see Houdini escape from these! (Should let your ship reach Astro Jail.) d$ 50.00 Not Installable
Quantum Bose Speaker System Are you listening to the latest Crab Nebula salsa merengue or a post-industrial Galilean technofunk? Now listen to both, and neither, at the same time! (Should let your ship reach Lazyr Zone.) d$ 80.00 Not Installable
Muon Entropic Turnaround System (a/k/a METSYS) Now you too can turn on a quasar with this fast-acting brake system that allows you to be coming and going at the same time. (Should let your ship reach Reverse Dimension.) d$ 80.00 Not Installable

Available balance:   d$ 0.00