Warning: This Puzzle Contains Bad Language

What's an action hero like yourself to do without some zinging catchphrases to fire off in the heat of battle? Don't waste your time punctuating your fights with unnecessary stylistic points. Just use these memorable one-liners from the classic action-romance-tragicomedy Is My Dialogue Bad? by Artie Hack (1980-2007).

"I'm haunted by The Kiss."
"That should never have given me... where?"
"Dramatic license? Has-been! Deemed necessary, the author's taken advantage of this: license to dramatize!"
"The subject: but there was no obituary. Because!"
"The day that I died was also the day I started 'live.' This... was I the first?"
"Recorded: instance of a CIA agent-being, eaten alive."
"By a rainbow trout, can we get a price—check, please!—on the super size, Maxi?"
"Pad's for the woman."
"Who keeps bleeding?"
"Over the Store, in traditional Tai."
"Chai, there are five levels: Digital, Orb, Extrusion, Us, Mail."
"Restored, Uni-Ted states: 'Do people really believe that?'"
"Shit, he's rigged a pulley system!"
"So... he can eat sausage and work!"
"On his drawings, 'it' means 'your.'"
"Vividly, demonstrate the inadequacy of liberal values."
"In the face of evil well, the machine went haywire, and... The Rock's crushed."
"Up! And mixed with the water, and it got onto...."
"Cliff history! Tradition! Culture! Are not concepts these? Are I?"
"Keep in my den! As "Paperweight's Conversation With Zuzu," petals was..."
"Like masturbating? With a cheese grater, slightly. Amusing? Mostly. Painful? Oh yes!"
"Honor, I found! A new job, I'm working."
"At the eager.... Beaver, anyone? Who could swallow? Two snowballs and a..."
"Shouldn't have any with. Pride = I, Left = A."
"Of Spam in your refrigerator, I hope. Your Brewers..."
"Yeast doesn't take, I.T."
"Personally, they told me this planet was ugly. But this!"
"Ha's got T.O. one of the ugliest. Crap!"
"Holes in the entire universe, every duck has his."
"Limit and.... You! Scum have pushed me the line, 'What's wire hangers?'"
"In this closet, I told you no."
"Wire hangers... ever they're going. To see A. smiling, snatch If..."
"Don't fix this, G."
"String, you! 'How some guys are...'"
"Into blondes, and some! Guys are into killers I only have."
"One: Request that you aim."
"For my heart, my heart has loved this country S.O."
"Much suppose I... we're... to offer you... million dollars for one. 'Night!"
"With your wife, she knew how to turn!"
"Her: 'Life' into 'A'!"
"And... watch. Things happen. I got my back, and didn't recognize a single."
"Of It, his ass was."
"The grass and I, the lawnmower... I've come all this way to give you something."
"You may even want my virginity; I want what they want, and every other."
"Guy, who came over?"
"And spilled his guts, and gave everything.... He had wants!"