Your So-Called Second Life

We can see that your dollarbuck-raising efforts are falling short of your goals. So we have arranged for you to receive a bailout (excuse us, rescue package) from the most important member of your team—your ship's computer. Your AI should take a scavenger-hunt tour of Second Life and send back snapshots of the following images. All of your snapshots must be of the same AI. You should not spend any money. Each snapshot will get you part of a clue to the answer. Your first submission must be a single email that contains at least nine of the photos (though we recommend going for all twelve); each subsequent submission (should you need any) must contain all of your photos, not just the missing ones. Let us know when you are ready to send us your snapshots. We will not accept any photographs from your Third Life, as we would prefer that you not tell us about that Furry convention you went to last weekend. Thank you in advance.

To access your AI:

Your Snapshots:

  1. On the bridge of the starship Enterprise
  2. On a beach at sunset
  3. Inside a volcano
  4. Flying next to the top of the Space Needle
  5. In a gondola
  6. Gazing into the mirror of Galadriel
  7. Riding a velociraptor
  8. Dancing the tango with a stranger
  9. Standing next to a CalTech hack on MIT (*)
  10. On the ramp of a Firefly-class starship
  11. Swimming with a whale
  12. Dressed as a Jawa

(*) No longer available.