The Cash Corridor

by Mike Sylvia



The complete list of trivia questions and answers is shown below:

  • A brief-lived Nickelodeon series set Camp Anawanna and featuring underwear on a flagpole in its title sequence was titled "Salute Your" what? (SHORTS)
  • A well-documented nickname for Belgian martial-arts star John-Claude Van Damme is the what from Brussels? (MUSCLES)
  • According to the traditional song, what was Molly Malone selling along with her cockles? (MUSSELS)
  • At over 200 miles in diameter, what feature of the 1960 Pacific typhoon Carmen was the largest ever recorded? (EYE)
  • Bamako is the capital of what African country? (MALI)
  • Circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas can all be obtained by taking a cross section of what three-dimensional figure? (CONE)
  • Despite usually being less bright than its constellation-mate Rigel, which star was mistakenly given the Bayer designation "Alpha Orionis"? (BETELGEUSE)
  • In a set of stairs, what name is given to the vertical counterpart of the horizontal tread? (RISER)
  • In Barenaked Ladies' song "Crazy ABCs", K is for knickknack, T is for tsunami, and D is for what supernatural being from Arabic lore? (DJINN)
  • In Batman & Robin, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a villain whose gun can do what to things? (FREEZE)
  • In classical architecture, what six-letter name starting with F is given to the wide middle region of an entablature? (FRIEZE)
  • In golf, what is the grassy area between the fairway and out of bounds called? (ROUGH)
  • In hand-painted cartoons, the plastic sheet on which a full or partial frame of the cartoon is painted is called what? (CEL)
  • In the board game Cosmic Encounter, what fiery name is given to a type of card that temporarily grants some of another species's power? (FLARE)
  • In the brandy designation VSOP, what does the P stand for? (PALE)
  • In the context of stock options, a put contract allows its holder the optional right to do what to a share of stock at a given time? (SELL)
  • In the first verse of the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme, as it is listed on Wikipedia, what is the only word that contains a bigram consisting of 2 vowels? (PAIL)
  • In the movie Office Space, what name is given to the buttons worn by employees of the restaurant Chotchkie's? (FLAIR)
  • In the story of the Three Little Pigs as traditionally told, one of the pigs used bricks to build his house, and one of the pigs used straw -- what did the other pig use? (STICKS)
  • Of the letters that are also Roman numerals, which one is third alphabetically? (I)
  • The body's so-called "bony labyrinths", which include a person's semicircular canals and vestibules, are also known as the left and right whats? (INNER EARS)
  • The zygomatic arch is part of what larger skeletal structure? (SKULL)
  • What 1988 dark comedy starred Michael Keaton as a "bio-exorcist"? (BEETLEJUICE)
  • What alcoholic beverage derives both its flavor and its name from juniper berries? (GIN)
  • What band released the multi-platinum album The Grand Illusion in 1977, which contained the single Come Sail Away? (STYX)
  • What board game, in which players use cards to move their four pawns around a board, has been sold by Parker Brothers for more than 70 years? (SORRY)
  • What four-letter term used in the card game bridge means to play a trump card? (RUFF)
  • What is the name of the yards-long cloth worn about the waist and shoulder by many Indian women, such as Damayanthi in a painting by Raja Ravi Varma? (SARI)
  • What is the palindromic short-form name for a large, often concave curtain placed at the back of a thetrical stage? (CYC)
  • What Mad About You star authored the books Couplehood and Babyhood? (REISER)
  • What one-syllable plural geographic term can follow "Northern", "Western", "Windward", "Somers", or "British"? (ISLES)
  • What small unit of weight takes its name from the carob seed, which is roughly equal to the unit of weight? (CARAT)
  • What sort of creature is the cartoon character Bullwinkle? (MOOSE)
  • What symbol appears above the 6 on a standard QWERTY keyboard? (CARET)
  • What televsion show, currently in production, follows the exploits of charlatan Shawn Spencer and his sidekick Burton Guster? (PSYCH)
  • What term can refer to either a creamy egg-based dessert or a product that adds volume to hair? (MOUSSE)
  • What term used in competitive rowing can be a noun that refers to an oar or to the boat itself, or a verb that means "to row"? (SCULL)
  • What two word phrase, referring to money that is past due, appears in the Grateful Dead's 1987 song "Touch of Grey"? (IN ARREARS)
  • What was the first name of the student that Molly Ringwald played on 14 episodes of The Facts of Life? (MOLLY)
  • Who is the puzzle master on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday and current editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle? (SHORTZ)
  • Who was Chancellor of Germany during the German reunification (and not, as you might think, the founder of a department store chain)? (KOHL)
  • Who won the 1992 Grammy for Best New Artist on the strength of his hit "Walking in Memphis"? (COHN)
  • William Barton Rogers' last words were "128 grammes of bituminous" what? (COAL)

All of them, except one, pair up into homophones. The lone clue answer remaining is ISLES which would pair with the missing answer AISLES.