Computer Games

by Nathan Fung, with coding by Corey Plover



This puzzle directs solvers to various Athena clusters around campus. At each location, the solver receives an instruction that clues a word in the room and an image that can be filled in to allow extraction of a highlighted letter. The error message received at each location then directs solvers on to various other Athena clusters.

The collected information is:

LocationWordLetterError message locations
2-225NATIONALT38-370, 37-318, 37-332, 37-318, 56-129
11-112CAUTIONO38-370, W20-575, 2-225, 2-225, 2-225
12-182SIGNMARKS2-225, 38-370, 37-318
37-318AUTHORIZEDA12-182, 4-167, W20-575, 2-032
37-332DATACENTERD12-182, 11-112, 37-332, 11-112, 11-112
38-370WARNINGW11-112, 11-112, 56-129
56-129WHITEBOARDH66-080, 66-080
66-080EMERGENCYEW20-575, 37-332, 2-225, 12-182, All done!
W20-575ROLUPOR37-332, 66-080, 66-080

The error message locations determine in order which locations (and letters) follow the current location (and letter) in the final message. So for example, the error message for 11-112 implies that the letter O is followed the first time by W (38-370), the second time by R (W20-575), and the remaining three times by T (2-225).

Doing this starting from 37-318, spells out the phrase AS TWO WORDS, WHERE DOT AND DOT DOT ARE THE SAME, which clues the answer ROOT DIRECTORY.