Space Elevator Metapuzzle

by Andrew Thomas and David Poland

Follow the instructions to put the technologies that feed the Space Elevator in order to solve the meta: Doors, Plant-Based Ink, ...and Literature, The Scroll, Oratory, Legal System, Agriculture, Carbon Nanotubules, Alchemy, Mathematics, and Gladiatorial Combat. In this order, the puzzle answers are as follows:


These eleven answers have a total of 81 letters. Enter them into the 3×27 grid in the manner suggested by the flavortext: down the first column, up the middle column, and down the third. Once you've done so, each three-letter row will be a three-letter IATA airport code. Enter the location of each airport (not the name) into the set of blanks next to the grid:

CND	constAnta
OES	sanantOniooeste
LIT	littleRock
ORI	portLions
NFR	nAfoora
EDF	Anchorage
LIR	libeRia
URI	Uribe
PGE	yeGepa
KND	kIndu
EIH	einasLeigh
ENE	Ende
POX	pariS
WTA	taMbohorano
ANG	angoulEme
NIO	Nioki
DMN	demiNg
EDA	ednabaY
RAL	riverSide
IBA	ibadaN
NDM	mEndi
GAE	gabEs
ORR	yorKetown
RNI	corNisland
COC	coNcordia
HCA	bigspriNg
IDN	indaGen

The indicated letters form the 27-letter string AORLAARUGILESMENNYSNEEKNNNG. Repeat the process with those 27 letters: write them in a grid of nine going down, nine going up, and nine going down again. Again each row forms an airport code:

AYS	Waycross
ONN	Onionbay
RNE	Roanne
LEE	Leesburg
AMK	Durango
ASN	Talladega
REN	Orenburg
ULN	Ulanbator
GIG	Riodejaneiro

The first letters of the locations of these airports spell WORLD TOUR, which is the metapuzzle answer.