Puzzle Box

To import a Portal bonus map in Windows,

  1. Download puzzle_box.bmz.
  2. Launch Portal.
  3. Go to "Bonus Maps" and then "Import Bonus Maps..."; navigate to and select puzzle_box.bmz.
  4. A folder titled maps/puzzle_box will appear in the Bonus Maps window; open it, and then select the map puzzle_box, and it will load.

To import a Portal bonus map on a Mac,
  1. Download puzzle_box.bsp.
  2. Put it in the following directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/<yourusername>/portal/portal/maps/.
  3. Launch Portal.
  4. Click on Options, then Keyboard, then Advanced, and then enable the developer console.
  5. Hit the ~ (tilde) key to open the developer console.
  6. Type 'map puzzle_box' to launch the map.

(NOTE: Due to an inadvertent error, the word "mysticeti" is misspelled as "mysteceti" in this puzzle. This is not a clue, merely an error, for which we apologize.)