Solution to Flat Head

by Julian West

This puzzle is a bunch of NPL-style flats. Each flat has, as one of its bases, the name of a place in or people from British Columbia. The bases are as follows, with the British Columbia names in bold:

1. tilting, Tlingit
2. Braefoot, barefoot
3. kaw, kawakawa, Kwakwaka'wakw
5. ain't, Nitinat
7. soy, Osoyoos
4. Hippo, Hippa
3. Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Squinas
6. kin, basket, Kinbasket
6. Kleena Kleene
8. Bella Bella
7. Pouce Coupe
1. Fraser, eraser
2. Clo-oose, close
5. Kitkatla, Kit Kat
4. Ymir, rimy
4. port, Tofino, Portofino
8. Sointula, institutionalisation
7. Revelstoke, revels, toke
1. Squamish, squeamish

Using the given numbers to index into the British Columbia names spells TRANSPOSAL OF LARIATS. SALTAIR is a British Columbia placename that is a transposal of LARIATS, and is the answer to this puzzle.