Solution to Counting the Ways

by Noah Snyder, Malia Jackson, and Yoyo Zhou

Each drawing represents a lyric from one of the songs from the three-volume album 69 Love Songs, by the Magnetic Fields:

quotesong titlevolume and track number
"Zelda looks lonely; I want a zebra"ZebraIII.23
"dress in black and read Camus"I Don't Want to Get Over YouI.6
"Grand pianos crash together"When My Boy Walks Down the StreetII.3
"You're dreaming of the corpse"The One You Really LoveI.15
"Acoustic guitar, how lovely you are with your inlays of mother of pearl"Acoustic GuitarIII.5
"your eyes like two full moons"Nothing Matters When We're DancingI.21
"wrapped around my heart like a boa constrictor"Boa ConstrictorI.18
"talking to your picture"Boa ConstrictorI.18
"me, decked out like a Christmas tree"Long-Forgotten FairytaleII.15
"What if the clowns couldn't be clowns"Promises of EternityII.12
"My brain was missing"It's a CrimeIII.2
"I gaze into your eyes of blue"The One You Really LoveI.15
"the velvet curtain"Promises of EternityII.12
"I might as well be two feet tall"The One You Really LoveI.15
"a threshing machine"Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me BegetIII.9
"you cross the street and you don't take my hand"You're My Only HomeII.9
"We flew to Paris, dear, aboard an army jet"The Night You Can't RememberIII.19
"turn cartwheels in your best suit"Love Is Like a Bottle of GinIII.13
"diggin' in the rubble"Fido Your Leash Is Too LongI.13
"It's not the cherries everywhere in bloom, it's not the way they put folks on the moon"Washington D.C.II.14
"Butterflies turn into people"When My Boy Walks Down the StreetII.3
"Millions of crystal balls roll around your feet"If You Don't CryII.8
"I'm on the moon; I can't really breathe"A Pretty Girl Is Like...I.19
"You were an army officer and I just a Rockette" The Night You Can't Remember III.19
"an old enchanted castle"Long-Forgotten FairytaleII.15
"The stars begin their Busby Berkeley dance"The Way You Say Good-NightII.21

Grouping the songs by volume and then converting track numbers to letters (A=1, etc.) spells out three answers: FOUR ROOMS, COLLIN CHOU, and WEBISMS.