I’m Wet! I’m Hysterical and I’m Wet! is a Memory match making game in a pool. Teams bring two members to the MIT Alumni Pool dressed to swim. There they’ll find a small pool with 84 identical rubber duckies floating in it. Under each duck is painted a symbol. Each symbol is repeated 3 times, making 28 sets of 3.

Solvers must send one team member in the pool per heat to try and make matching sets of three for a point, but there’s a catch: each team can only have one duck at a time. Teams must work with each other to form sets of 3. Once three teams have a set of 3 together, they will go to the edge of the pool with their ducks and record their find to a B&B referee. At this point the Codex member will either keep the ducks or throw them back in, depending on the heat.

After the 3 heats are over and the ducks are out of the pool, a regular swim party will start and Codex members will tally the points. First place team will get 80 Bupkis, Second place gets 75, and so on down until 50. Any team that was able to show up and make three total sets will get 50 Bupkis.

12:50 – 1:30 – Puzzle Authors set up
1:30 – 2:00 – Dressing/settling in of Teams and Instructions and explanation of Bupkis.
2:00- 2:15- First Heat, timed. Ducks put back in pool.
2:20 – 2:35- Second Heat, timed. Ducks put back in pool.
2:40- ???- Third Heat, go until pool is cleared! Ducks kept pool-side.
??? – 3:30pm- free swim period.
3:30 – Clean up.