Ahhh... I remember those MyMIT days. The fun we had trying to impress Dean Stu.

Greetings Applicant,

We have received your application to be admitted to the rest of the puzzle. Please contact HQ to make an appointment with an educational counselor for your admissions interview. The interview is an important part of the admissions process, which determines whether you should be allowed to see the rest of the puzzle. If you underperform during the interview, you will probably need to wait for awhile before you can apply again.

Your educational counselor will be an MIT hunt graduate who will be able to answer your questions about the rest of this puzzle. To help you prepare, some MIT alumni, known as “rats”, have dropped by to talk about their time at MIT. There are of course things that you will not be able to comprehend until after you are admitted to the rest of the puzzle, such as how to correctly interpret the names of the rats. Admittance to this puzzle offers many benefits, not the least of which is actually being able to solve it.

Thank you for your interest in the rest of this puzzle. We look forward to seeing you at the interview.

Borbonicus and Bodley – Puzzle Admissions Department

The rats reminisce:

During the hunt, the following was presented to teams who completed the interview:

Congratulations! The friendly rats you met wanted to show you some pictures of themselves, and also give a shoutout to their friends. What friendly rats!

1. Jimmie Dams

2. Godfrey Bandicoot

3. Nyssa Nocturnal

4. Ethan Teeth

5. Peter Porcupine

6. Cody Construction

7. Rosie Upriver

8. Adam A. Agouti

9. Elmo Myomorpha

10. Oscar Otter

11. Franklin Shrew

12. Sandy Incisors

13. Clark Ax

14. Schoolfellow “Hank” Hyrax

15. Morgan Musquash

16. Carol Coypu

17. Claude H. Chinchilla

18. Horace The Hutia of Haiti

19. Atlas Gnawer

20. Cosmo Cricetidae

21. Rob-Rick Gopher

22. Tate Pacas
Sheila Sunshine
Sheila Sunshine