Cut by Editorial (Solution)

by Veronica Gross, with help from Rob Speer and various authors

The point of this puzzle is to match fake or disused elements of a article with the actual article. All articles are written by single, unique writers. Pointers to each article are contained in the sample list element, often by using words found in the title. The number next to the entry is the number that comes after the last item in the actual article. For example, the hint for the article "5 Superheroes Rendered Ridiculous by Gritty Reboots" is "#6 Dazzler Becomes a One-Woman Killing Machine".

After identifying the writers of all the articles, their last initials form the phrase:


By going to the Topics section and typing in the word "MOVEMENT", the puzzlers are brought to an instruction page on how to write a article for the Hunt.

The team uploads their article to their own webspace and sends headquarters a link, at which point they receive the answer PULITZER, assuming the article meets the necessary requirements. Two of our favorite submissions were 6 Craziest Places To Hide The Coin (by Codex Zouche-Nuttall) and 5 Crazy Places To Find The Coin (by Death From Above).


#6 Unstoppable -- The Real Frank Barnes Uses His Dick to Stop the Train.
JF Sargent - 5 True Stories Cut from Movies for Being Too Unrealistic

#6 Condoms
Robert Evans - 5 Popular Safety Measures That Don't Make You Any Safer

#6 Winston Churchill vs. Fruit Salad
Jim Avery - The 5 Most Ridiculous Assassination Plots Ever Attempted

#6 Dazzler Becomes a One-Woman Killing Machine
Mark Russel - 5 Superheroes Rendered Ridiculous by Gritty Reboots

#7 Man Sits on Jesus' Manger
C. Coville - 6 Mind-Blowing Archeological Discoveries Destroyed by Idiocy

#6 Giving Support to Victims on Twitter
Marc Hill - 5 Popular Forms of Charity (That Aren't Helping)

#7 Tidus/Yuna vs. Lulu -- Final Fantasy X
Jason Iannone - 6 Video Game Heroes Made Useless By Supporting Characters

#7 Noob
JD Niemand - 6 Slang Terms With Surprisingly Badass Origins

#7 Today's Lesson: Acid Trip!
Son Tran - The 6 Most Horrific Lessons Ever Taught in Elementary School

#7 Man Stakes Out a Fake Pizza Order
Gabriel Oliver - The 6 Most Needlessly Overcomplicated Crimes Ever Planned

#8 A Turtle is Charged with Incompetence
Luis Prada - 7 Ridiculous Cases Where Animals Were Put On Trial

#6 Ragnarok
Andre Infante - 5 Horrifying Apocalyptic Scenarios (That Have Already Happened)

#6 Our Culture is Individualistic
Sam Cooper - 5 Scientific Reasons You're a Bad Employee

#9 The Cure for the Common Cold
Evan V. Symon - 8 Incredible Discoveries People Just Sort of Stumbled Into

#8 An Entire City
S. Fero - The 7 Most Horrifying Things Ever Discovered in a Human Body

#6 Open Heart Surgery
Jack O'Brien - 5 Things That Are Way Easier Than They Look in Movies

#9 Seriously, What the Fuck?
Eddie Rodriguez - 8 Simple Questions You Won't Believe Science Can't Answer

#10 A Freaking Battlemech
Matt Machmuller - The 9 Most Insane Vehicles That Are Street Legal

#6 Nikola Tesla
Daniel O'Brien - 5 Famous Inventors (Who Stole Their Big Idea)

# 9 My First Surgical Kit
Tracy V - The 8 Most Wildly Irresponsible Vintage Toys

#7 Luxembourg Defeats the Martians
Fernando Espino - Underdogs of War: 6 Tiny Nations That Kicked Ass

#6 It's Not Actually a Booze-Soaked Orgy
Lillian Marx - 5 Infuriating Things Nobody Tells You About College

#7 Women are from Venus
Dave Easton - 6 Things Everyone Knows About Women (That Aren't True)

#6 The Mighty Suburban Folk of New Jersey
Neal Nicholson - The 5 Most Terrifying Civilizations In The History of the World

#10 Bloof, the Sack of Flour
James Tait - The 9 Most Unintentionally Depressing Pro Wrestling Gimmicks


S - JF Sargent
E - Robert Evans
A - Jim Avery
R - Mark Russel
C - C. Coville
H - Mark Hill
I - Jason Iannone
N - JD Neimond
T - Son Tran
O - Gabriel Oliver
P - Luis Prada
I - Andre Infante
C - Sam Cooper
S - Evan V. Symon
F - S. Fero
O - Jack O'Brien
R - Eddie Rodriguez
M - Matt Machmuller
O - Dan O'Brien
V - Tracy V.
E - Fernando Espino
M - Lillian Marx
E - Dave Easton
N - Neal Nicholson
T - James Tait