From: "Alyssa P. Hacker" <>
To: You
Subject: Fwd: Re: Can you help us break into Enigma Valley Investment &

Hey Team,

Ugh, bad news.  Indy's busy and said no to helping us out.  It looks like
he might be persuadable if we can help him out with his adventuring right
now.  Do you think you could look into this and try to recover some of
these tablets?

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From: Irene Appleton <>
Subject: Re: Can you help us break into Enigma Valley Investment & Loan?
To: Alyssa P. Hacker <>

Dear Alyssa,

I'm Irene, Dr. Jones' secretary.  Dr. Jones doesn't do e-mail, it's from
after his time.  I'm afraid that after reading your message to Dr. Jones on
the phone, although he sympathizes with your plight, he simply does not
have the time to help you out.  You see, he's recently discovered evidence
of a previously unknown culture, and he is trying to track down more
information to win some archaeologist of the year award.  There's a guy
from Harvard also after the same tablets.  I'm sure that given your
academic affiliation, you'd support Dr. Jones' efforts!

Just between you and me, he's been pretty stuck on this.  He's trying to
track down some special tablet with inscriptions that supposedly help
divine important truths about the world.  Although this civilization made
many copies, he hasn't been able to recover any in good enough shape to
really analyze.  Between the challenge of finding the tablets and getting
past the animals that seem to always be protecting them, he's become very
stressed.  If you helped him out, I'm pretty sure he'd return the favor.
 I'll forward you some of the work he's been doing, and perhaps you can
figure out where they are.

Good luck!  All of the administrative support staff here at Marshall have
been buzzing about your e-mail since it came in, and we're totally behind
Irene Appleton

Alyssa P. Hacker <> wrote:

> Dear Dr. Jones,
> My name is Alyssa P. Hacker and I am leading a heist against Enigma Valley
> Investment & Loan.  We've uncovered a number of shady dealings at the bank
> and now they are threatening the MIT Mystery Hunt, a revered organization
> that is creating numerous cultural and historical legacies to the future as
> well as helping to educate today's youth about history, languages, and
> archaeology through many of its puzzles.  It is our understanding that you
> helped design the security system at the bank's vault.  Without you, we
> can't get in.  Help us, Indiana Jones, you're our only hope.
> Yours sincerely,
> Alyssa P. Hacker