World of Color

Look at this stuff! It's neat, isn't it?

This (the shortest one with the black eye) looks lovely in that dress.
The speaker of royalty - he reads all the proclamations.
What an excellent riding companion is he.
Wear this to help hide your true identity.
You can see the evil in this.
Rise and shine. They are way past the beauty sleep thing. Trust me.
You need these for beauty. Good thing the old lady has them.
This bangs out some pretty awesome letters with his feet.
They crashed your bath? Hide yourself with this.
I have one of these and eight legs.
She is not a toy at all.
Excellent recon, so long as they don't get stepped on.
To mark your new property, make sure you put your name on this.
Almost lost in a game of battleship to item #8.
. '
I challenge this to a duel. Draw!
- -
I have eyes of my own!
He wins item #5 in a game of battleship.
I have a skull on this.
Put the halves of this together, and magic can happen.
When your kingdom gets taken away from you, so do your clothes. Being left in this is kind of embarrassing.
They represent phenomenal cosmic power... with all of its drawbacks.
Share half your bread with them. They will smile at you.
Itty bitty living space.
Ooo...shiny. Don't touch! It might cause a meltdown.
If a proper suitor cannot be found, then she must marry him.
He has 53 of them. Aren't they impressive enough for her?
If you're free and off to see the world, you might need to pack one of these.
Don't hold me by this! It makes me sneeze.
This is where she meets Prince Charming. It's sometime before Chapter 3.
Don't be deceived by appearances! Beneath this, she is not what she seems.
You're the greatest (hunter) in the whole world. This will go so well with my new pants!
To avoid dancing forks in your hair, he needs this. It also makes a nice accessory.
You have to take these off if you are going to make that many eggs.
This in my hand: show me the girl!
What's the big deal about this? It's just a sparkly blossom.
I wonder how he put's his arm around this. I'd fear she'd burn right up.
Better send off your note for help in this.
We pledge our hearts to honesty, loyalty and this (it's on the sign).
You can tell she's not good just by looking at this (on her head).
It's wet! Wear this!
No. This is not a crocodile. Well, maybe it is.
All the better to push/fly the leaf with, my dear.
Is the janitor French? He always wears this.
This keeps the old cat warm.
Don't drink that liquor. Just look at what it did to those.
They have no time to rest.
It might suck you up to the roof if you're not careful. (the inside)
2 in 1: Flying Device + Animal Memorabilia
Send this soaring! You might need to repair it first, though.
It's a very nice vacation with you, sir, when you're wearing this.
If you're interviewing hired help, you'll need this on your suit.
This is suitable for travel, and high adventure.
You'd think it would be hard to win a race with this. I guess not.
- -
This might find out you are suspicious and stubborn, or pretty much perfect in every way.
Only calmed by a bit of jam to the nose - this is their home.
How could one possibly pay attention to this if it has no pictures in it?
All ways here are her way.
It's two days slow. That's what it is.
Its only the proper headgear for an extremely not-so-special occasion.
I enter and exit with a grin.
As we talk of vegetables and royalty, you may leave these back in your beds.
A live flamingo, of course. She uses it all the time.
Who dares mess with the flowerbeds? They do.