From: "Alyssa P. Hacker" <>
To: You
Subject: Fwd: Re: Heist Enigma Valley Investment & Loan

Hey Team,

Here's the e-mail I got back from Danny Ocean.  Something's not right here.
 Why would the bank hire a bunch of thieves to design their security system
and then let them go free?  I think you should investigate their casino
heist and see what you can find out.

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From: Daniel Ocean <>
Subject: Re: Heist Enigma Valley Investment & Loan
To: Alyssa P. Hacker <>

Yo Alyssa,

Sorry, but I can't help you out.  I've got no love lost for these guys, but
we've got a sweet deal set up with Willy Bank (believe it or not!) to heist
no less than 6 casinos.  One heist is about as much as my team can handle
at a time, so you're on your own.  Kick butt on this one.  My team's always
got a place for you if you want it.


Alyssa P. Hacker <> wrote:

> Dear Mr. Ocean,
> I have a proposition for you.  You helped to design the security system for
> Enigma Valley Investment & Loan, a bank which recently acquired the MIT
> Mystery Hunt in a very shady deal.  We need help breaking in to their vault
> to steal back our coin.  We have a team of super-smart MIT folks doing the
> heist, and you can share in the proceeds of whatever's in the vault.  Do
> you want in?
> Alyssa P. Hacker