From: "Alyssa P. Hacker" <>
To: You
Subject: Fwd: Re: Help Save MIT Mystery Hunt

Hey Team,

Got him!  That just about completes the team.  Nice work.

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From: *Ernő Rubik* <>
Subject: Re: Help Save MIT Mystery Hunt
To: Alyssa P. Hacker <>


It is outrageous that the bank has been doing surveillance on me.  In my
country we have laws against this sort of thing!  How can I help?

Alyssa P. Hacker <> wrote:

> Dear Mr. Rubik,
> Thank you so much for getting back to me.  We have been investigating the
> bank, and we've discovered that they have been monitoring you.  They say
> that you are associating with the wrong kind of groups, and they're worried
> that your puzzling organizations are a front for developing a new breed of
> safe crackers.  They have been considering taking action to shut down
> your groups.  Will you help us to stop this threat?
> Yours sincerely,
> Alyssa