My Cup Runneth Over (Solution)

by Charles Steinhardt

This is a logic puzzle where, based upon the rules of cricket, its terminology, and so forth, it's possible to sort the 120 balls bowled and reconstruct the innings:

0.1 Mendis to Charles, no run, Mendis opens the bowling with a full toss on leg stump, but Charles just taps it back to the bowler
0.2 Mendis to Charles, 1 run, flicked off the pads to square leg as West Indies open their account
0.3 Mendis to Gayle, FOUR, thick edge flies over the slips and runs to the vacant third man boundary for four
0.4 Mendis to Gayle, 1 run, another edge!, arm ball off the pads deflects towards cover and they scramble a single
0.5 Mendis to Charles, no run, Charles can't pick the arm ball either, muted appeal but was missing off stump
0.6 Mendis to Charles, 1 run, Charles chips short of long on and keeps the strike
1.1 Mathews to Charles, no run, loosener on the off side gives Charles a bit of width, but driven right to point
1.2 Mathews to Charles, 1 run, just back of a length, well driven to long off
1.3 Mathews to Gayle, no run, back of a length, tries a wild pull and misses everything
1.4 Mathews to Gayle, no run, even shorter, Gayle ducks
1.5 Mathews to Gayle, no run, follows up with a low yorker, good outswing into this wind, does Gayle for pace, appeal for caught behind but nothing in it
1.6 Mathews to Gayle, 1 run, length ball on leg stump, run down to fine leg, loud appeal for lbw but the umpire saw a bit of bat in it
2.1 Kulasekara to Gayle, no run, so pace from both ends now, length ball on off stump watchfully defended back down the pitch
2.2 Kulasekara to Gayle, FOUR, shot!, length ball just wide of off stump, Gayle defends so firmly that it's punched back past the bowler and beats the fielding restrictions for four!
2.3 Kulasekara to Gayle, no run, back of a length with a bit of width, left and really should have taken better advantage
2.4 Kulasekara to Gayle, 2 runs, another poor ball, back of a length down the leg side, glanced fine but Dananjaya cuts it off at fine leg on the boundary
2.5 Kulasekara to Gayle, no run, another loose ball down the leg side, a bit fuller, tries to whip it off the pads but misses and kicks it away to silly mid-wicket
2.6 Kulasekara to Gayle, FOUR, length ball well outside off, rank ball to end a rank over, and deservedly dispatched through the off side
3.1 Malinga to Charles, no run, Mathews removed despite an effective over, length ball sharply shaping in, punched into the on side but right at Jayawardene on the circle
3.2 Malinga to Charles, no run, inswinging yorker, well dug out
3.3 Malinga to Charles, no run, back of a length outside off, left alone as the RRR has climbed up to 6.73
3.4 Malinga to Charles, 1 run, full and straight, little inside edge onto the pads, muted appeal, and they relieve that pressure a bit with good calling by running a quick single
3.5 Malinga to Gayle, no run, length ball swinging in, kicked away but some quick fielding from Mendis at square leg prevents the single
3.6 Malinga to Gayle, 2 runs, pitched up a bit, cut away through covers, good chase cuts it off for two to end the over
4.1 Kulasekara to Charles, no run, length ball, shaping away from off stump, watchfully left and probably unplayable
4.2 Kulasekara to Charles, FOUR, another excellent outswinger, edged between first and second slip
4.3 Kulasekara to Charles, no run, beaten!, third outswinger just misses an edge
4.4 Kulasekara to Charles, no run, fuller, straighter, and a chastised Charles carefully taps it back to Kulasekara
4.5 Kulasekara to Charles, SIX, comes down the pitch to a length ball and smacks it into the sight screen
4.6 Kulasekara to Charles, 1 run, dropped into the off side and they take a cheeky single
5.1 Dananjaya to Charles, no run, Dananjaya into the attack now, dabbed into the off side
5.2 Dananjaya to Charles, 1 run, bounce and turn, late cut down to third man
5.3 Dananjaya to Gayle, no run, fails to pick the doosra, hits him on the back leg, strong appeal but pitched outside leg
5.4 Dananjaya to Gayle, 1 run, another doosra, sweeps and gets a top edge but square leg was back
5.5 Dananjaya to Charles, OUT, oh dear, they got it wrong twice!, Charles sets off for a single backward of square leg, Gayle tries to send him back, bit of a misfield so they set off again and Dilshan hits direct with Gayle yards out
5.6 Dananjaya to Samuels, 2 runs, flighted up a bit, Samuels mistimes it but edges it over Sangakkara, long chase to collect down at fine leg
6.1 Mathews to Charles, no run, Mathews back into the attack, length ball shaping in towards leg, pushed to mid on
6.2 Mathews to Charles, 1 run, fuller delivery, more inswing, glanced for a single down the leg side
6.3 Mathews to Samuels, no run, length ball gives Samuels too much room, opens the face but gully dives and parries it to save four runs
6.4 Mathews to Samuels, 1 run, yorker swinging into leg, dug out and punched back past a diving Mathews
6.5 Mathews to Charles, FOUR, shot!, perfectly-timed drive flicked past extra cover, holds the follow through and watches it
6.6 Mathews to Charles, no run, Mathews retaliates with a pacy bouncer, ducked to end the over
7.1 Dananjaya to Samuels, 2 runs, a bit quicker, Samuels comes down the pitch to club it back over Dananjaya but catches a bottom edge, nice diving stop by Jayawardene at long off
7.2 Dananjaya to Samuels, OUT, maybe the breakthrough they needed, Samuels comes down the wicket again but he's picked out Perera at deep extra cover
7.3 Dananjaya to Charles, OUT, and another!, Charles comes forward but doesn't pick the doosra and Sangakkara has the bails off in a flash, great piece of keeping
7.4 Dananjaya to Pollard, no run, umbrella field but Pollard carefully leaves a fuller ball outside off and avoids the hattrick
7.5 Dananjaya to Pollard, 1 run, straightened a bit, punched back down the pitch toward long off
7.6 Dananjaya to Bravo, 1 run, doosra with a bit too much width, pitches outside leg and swept hard down to fine leg
8.1 Mendis to Bravo, no run, back into the attack, length ball tapped to point
8.2 Mendis to Bravo, no run, beat him with the flight, strong appeal as it crashes into the pads, but the umpire says no
8.3 Mendis to Bravo, no run, flighted in again, pushed to covers, Bravo wants the single but Pollard turns him down
8.4 Mendis to Bravo, 2 runs, driven past midwicket, cut off at the boundary for two, Bravo wants three but is again sent back
8.5 Mendis to Bravo, 1 run, length ball on off stump, run down to third man for a single
8.6 Mendis to Pollard, 2 runs, swept and gets a thick top edge, not enough steam to reach the fine leg boundary and third man eventually cuts it off for two
9.1 Malinga to Bravo, OUT, bowled him! prodded late at a quick, inswinging yorker and it went right through the gate and crashed into middle, West Indies surely in trouble now
9.2 Malinga to Russell, 1 run, full toss down the leg side, and Russell gladly glances it backward of square to get off the mark, finds a fielder so just one
9.3 Malinga to Pollard, no run, another low full toss, but he misses out slashing it straight at point
9.4 Malinga to Pollard, no run, length ball shaping in, deflects back to the keeper, appeal for caught behind but not given, there might have been a bit of bat in it!
9.5 Malinga to Pollard, no run, comes down the pitch but Malinga bowls short, comes off the gloves, another loud appeal for a low catch at second slip, and referred to the third umpire, but it fell just short
9.6 Malinga to Pollard, no run, beaten!, just a hint of outswing narrowly beats the outside edge, and Pollard narrowly survives the over
10.1 Mathews to Russell, no run, Mathews back from the Lumley end, back of a length, tries to pull but just gloves it short of square leg
10.2 Mathews to Russell, no run, length outswinger, tries to cut but finds gully
10.3 Mathews to Russell, no run, dropped!, length ball got a bit of extra bounce, again trying to push it through the off side and scooped up to point, but Mendis drops a straightforward catch
10.4 Mathews to Russell, no run, Russell makes some room and can't reach a fuller outswinger, four in a row now and the pressure building
10.5 Mathews to Russell, 1 run, length ball dropped down in front of cover and they run a quick one, might have been touch and go for Pollard with a direct hit
10.6 Mathews to Pollard, FOUR, good short ball, better pull shot from Pollard over square leg and one bounce for four
11.1 Malinga to Russell, no run, Malinga continuing, length ball shaping away, Russell of two minds and pulls the bat away late
11.2 Malinga to Russell, no run, maybe a hint of reverse swing now, Russell comes forward to defend as the run rate climbs over 8.3
11.3 Malinga to Russell, no run, angling into the stumps, blocked off the back foot
11.4 Malinga to Russell, 1 run, yorker, dug out and Russell takes a quick one, now Pollard to try and deal with the onslaught
11.5 Malinga to Pollard, no run, slower ball, plays all around it but doesn't find it, 71 off 49 now
11.6 Malinga to Pollard, 1 run, fullish on off stump, defended into covers, and a misfield lets Pollard keep the strike
12.1 Thirimanne to Pollard, no run, Thirimanne enters the attack later than usual, angled in and punched to mid off
12.2 Thirimanne to Pollard, SIX, length ball right in the slot, leans back and smashes it over deep extra cover for a maximum, only their second
12.3 Thirimanne to Pollard, no run, responds with a good bouncer, decides too late to duck and wears it on the shoulder
12.4 Thirimanne to Pollard, 1 run, fullish and shaping away, run through the vacant slips down to third man
12.5 Thirimanne to Russell, no run, good length and a hint of outswing, left, but it's getting a little late to leave those!
12.6 Thirimanne to Russell, FOUR, low full toss outside off, and he won't miss too many of those, smashed a bit uppishly between point and cover to end a productive over
13.1 Malinga to Pollard, OUT, finally got him!, another quick outswinger and this one edged off for an easy catch by Thirimanne at first slip
13.2 Malinga to Sammy, 1 run, a bit short of a length outside off, guided through gully
13.3 Malinga to Russell, 1 run, good length ball shaping away, driven to long off, tries to come back and protect Sammy but quick fielding prevents a second
13.4 Malinga to Sammy, no run, full and tries to cut through the off side again, but this time finds point
13.5 Malinga to Sammy, no run, fuller and straighter, a some reverse swing, and guided back to cover
13.6 Malinga to Sammy, 1 run, shorter with sharp inswing, dropped in front of mid on and they scramble a run
14.1 Dananjaya to Sammy, OUT, bowled around his legs!, simply brilliant, doosra that drifted down the leg side, turned sharply back and Sammy just watched it careen into leg
14.2 Dananjaya to Ramdin, 1 run, around the wicket, full and into the pads and turned into midwicket
14.3 Dananjaya to Russell, no run, looked like a top spinner, forward defense and the asking rate is up to ten an over
14.4 Dananjaya to Russell, 2 runs, reverse sweep backward of point, collected by third man on the rope
14.5 Dananjaya to Russell, 1 run, flighted up, comes forward to punch it through to deep extra cover
14.6 Dananjaya to Ramdin, OUT, four for Dananjaya, a little bit quicker, some extra bounce and turn out of the rough and Ramdin skies it to the safe hands of Malinga at deep cover
15.1 Thirimanne to Narine, Thirimanne back into the attack, angling in, misses a pull and hit in the ribs
15.2 Thirimanne to Narine, SIX, length ball, comes down and smashes it over long off
15.3 Thirimanne to Narine, SIX, and again!, short of a length, absolutely middles a pull and it carries all the way
15.4 Thirimanne to Narine, OUT, comes down again, slower ball drifting in, plays all around it and it takes out the top of off stump
15.5 Thirimanne to Rampaul, FOUR, low full toss, punched back down the ground and beats long on on the boundary
15.6 Thirimanne to Rampaul, no run, better yorker this time, bumped back down the pitch
16.1 Mathews to Rampaul, 1 run, Mathews to take his shot at the tail, comes around the wicket and bowls full and wide, Rampaul runs it down to third man and gets off strike
16.2 Mathews to Russell, no run, fullish outswinger, Russell makes room and slashes it at point, slight misfield but Rampaul had already turned back
16.3 Mathews to Russell, no run, nasty inswinging yorker, somehow kept out and bumped back to mid on, Mathews's been excellent today but has just three more chances to pick up a wicket
16.4 Mathews to Russell, no run, another full inswinger, and he almost does!, beaten for pace, little inside edge could have gone anywhere, but just runs back to the keeper
16.5 Mathews to Russell, no run, slower ball this time, fooled and played uppishly but falls short of covers, Rampaul turns down a dicey run and will make Russell face the last one
16.6 Mathews to Russell, 1 run, bouncer, mistimed pull pops straight up into the vacant area backward of square leg, who collects and keeps it to a single
17.1 Thirimanne to Russell, FOUR, Thirimanne continues, short of a length, pulled away with a hint of a top edge, flies forward of square leg and beats midwicket's chase to the boundary
17.2 Thirimanne to Russell, no run, slower ball, fooled him and dabbed towards cover, 29 off 16 now
17.3 Thirimanne to Russell, FOUR, full and swinging into the pads, whipped away over midwicket and races to the rope
17.4 Thirimanne to Russell, OUT, good length outswinger runs past Russell's outside edge, appeal for caught behind and given, though Russell wasn't impressed with the decision
17.5 Thirimanne to Badree, 1 run, can Badree be the hero?, dabs an outswinger towards gully to get off strike
17.6 Thirimanne to Rampaul, FOUR, a bit too short, shaping in a bit, and driven through extra cover
18.1 Dananjaya to Badree, no run, Dananjaya to bowl out now, surprisingly two slips in place, and Badree pads up to one outside off
18.2 Dananjaya to Badree, no run, doosra, fooled him and Sangakkara whipped off the bails, but Badree never left his crease, now up to 2 a ball
18.3 Dananjaya to Badree, no run, comes down the pitch to a full toss but blasts it straight back at Dananjaya, who has a shy at the stumps but misses
18.4 Dananjaya to Badree, FOUR, dances down again and slams it past a diving long off, 16 off 8 now
18.5 Dananjaya to Badree, 3 runs, chipped down to long off, they come back for a tough second, direct hit would have had them in trouble but an errant throw means they'll take a third.
18.6 Dananjaya to Rampaul, no run, makes room but Dananjaya follows him a bit down the leg side, hits him on the front pad and they start off but Sangakkara is quick to collect
19.1 Thirimanne to Badree, the experienced Thirimanne to bowl the final over defending 12 to tie, 13 to win, no run, bouncer, just a question of when it was coming, wild swat at it doesn't connect
19.2 Thirimanne to Badree, FOUR, a bit back of a length, leans back and carves it over cover
19.3 Thirimanne to Badree, SIX, comes down the pitch and slogs a good length ball back over the bowler's head on the half volley, goes all the way and it's down to just 3 off 3!
19.4 Thirimanne to Badree, 1 run, just 2 outside the circle, full inswinger, patted down towards midwicket and they scramble a run
19.5 Thirimanne to Rampaul, no run, slower ball, drives off the front foot but parried by a diving Thirimanne at cover, 2 to win, 1 to tie
19.6 Thirimanne to Rampaul, 2 runs, full and angled out, thick edge flies over backward point, they try for a second and Dananjaya's throw is wide of Sangakkara, and West Indies have scrambled home for the title!

It's traditional to summarize an innings with a batting and bowling scorecard, which in this case would look something like this:
Charles st Sangakkara b Dananjaya 21
Gayle run out (Dilshan) 19
Samuels c Perera b Dananjaya 5
Bravo b Malinga 4
Pollard c Thirimanne b Malinga 15
Russell c Sangakkara b Thirimanne 20
Sammy b Dananjaya 2
Ramdin c Malinga b Dananjaya 1
Narine b Thirimanne 12
Rampaul not out 12
Badree not out 19

These numbers, taken A-Z, spell out USE DOT BALLS. In cricket, a dot ball is one on which no runs are scored.

Similarly, the bowling figures:
Mendis 0-12
Mathews 0-15
Kulasekara 0-21
Malinga 3-9
Dananjaya 4-19
Thirimanne 2-54

As an added clue, in order of appearance, the five bowlers whose runs conceded can be translated spell out LOUIS.

Taking the dot balls in each over as braille, so that a dot ball in the 4th ball of the over means that dot 4 on the corresponding braille character is raised, the 20 overs spell out ENORMOUSLY PRODUCTIVE, which is the answer to the puzzle.