From: "Alyssa P. Hacker" <>
To: You
Subject: First Steps

Hi Team,

Here's a summary of what I said this afternoon.

Enigma Valley Investment & Loan has purchased the Mystery Hunt and has our
coin protected in their vault.  It is up to us to bring a team together and
heist the coin back.  We've managed to break into the Enigma Valley
computer system, but their files are rather puzzling.  Perhaps you can
figure them out and discover what security measures are present on their

Once we know what we're getting ourselves into, we can recruit a team that
has the right skills to get into the vault.

We've hired a consulting group, the Institute of Heist Training, Facilitation,
and Planning to help us put this heist together.  You'll be
communicating with them and they'll help you get your team together.

Oh, by the way, any e-mails you get from me are not a puzzle.  Just in case
you're confused.

This is going to be a huge task, but we can do it together.  Let's save the
Mystery Hunt!