Location: Atlantis, Golden Tower
Depth: 470

Cryptic Golf

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The Course

Hole 1: Absolved
Hole 2: Pilcrow
Hole 3: Story
Hole 4: Transfixed
Hole 5: Cheese
Hole 6: Suspicious
Hole 7: Spouse
Hole 8: Dolly
Hole 9: Mosaic
Hole 10: Frenchman
Hole 11: Reword
Hole 12: Viewpoint
Hole 13: Incompletely
Hole 14: Game
Hole 15: Budgerigar
Hole 16: Package
Hole 17: Eden
Hole 18: Garnish


Stop Bartok? Yes (bogey)
Game of wits that is a bay-dwelling sea serpent (bogey)
Ivy League university? Back down first, don't rush (birdie)
Mr. Gray's mode (bogey)
Source of courier, perhaps (bogey)
Chart depicting Raphael's innards (birdie)
Middleman evenly spelling out concept (birdie)
Fabric from site with no western border (bogey)
Sages captured by imagination (birdie)
Neruda's first words of praise for vertex (birdie)
Growin' dried fruit (bogey)
Sailors notice outspoken soldiers (bogey)
Angel playing harps around end of Rapture (birdie)
In the end, obviously clever (birdie)
Score penned by sentimental lyricist (birdie)
Take splintered wood (birdie)
Male singer's meaning (bogey)
Force to remove right hat (bogey)

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