Location: School of Fish
Depth: 135

Solution to Headshots

by Ceres Lee

Answer: REGENT

In this puzzle, there are a series of images arranged in two rows with a letters in between the rows of letters. One of the rows is headshots of famous people who have no relation (other than fame), while the other row is of seemingly random images.

But what is it that the famous people have in common? Mustaches.

Each famous person has a unique mustache, and each mustache corresponds to an image in the other column.

Freddie Mercury Chevron
Hulk Hogan Horseshoe
Errol Flynn Pencil
William Howard Taft Handlebar
Mark Twain Walrus
Hitler Toothbrush

Draw a line between the headshot and the image corresponding to the mustache to intersect with letters in the middle. Read the letters in order of the headshots, from left to right, to get the answer, REGENT, which is also a type of mustache.