Location: Coral Reef
Depth: 90

Solution to Jack and Jill or Janet

by Kaia Dekker

Answer: COMEDY

Each cryptic clue contains the substring "or". This indicates a substitution between the two halves of the word; for example, "coral" indicates substituting "c" for "al". We can pair up the cryptic answers with the riddle answers and perform the substitutions on the riddle answers.

(Note that, for confirmation, the riddle answers complete the rhyming pattern.)

In the third column, we show the result of the transformation, and in the fourth column we show a synonym for the third column which appears somewhere in the riddles (italicized in the riddle). The first letter of these synonyms gives COMELY LORD. Applying the "or" mechanic gives the answer, COMEDY.

At MIT my conspicuousness should not surprise you
For tech, engineering, math, and I make up an alliance
I have a method to help you think matters through
What am I? SCIENCE
Before examination, start changing color =
Diminutive though we tend to be, we are first in a parent's sight
Or change the context and on stage we sing
Of how certain people are not alright
What are we? OFFSPRING
In southeast, post office rebel leader is an infectious cell =
From birth, a great mantle I assumed
Through emerald seas I deftly slid
Leaving behind great onyx plumes
What am I? SQUID
Bare minimums for question and answer site =
I speak no words, though I have both mouth and tongue
Yet in many lands you can hear me knell
And many tunes I have sweetly sung
What am I? BELL
Funny cable guy has zilch for a truck =
In childhood, our prospect can lead to a scene
Taken badly we give you lumbago, perhaps
We can be forestalled if you imbibe caffeine
What are we? NAPS
A bit of wine, one lit =
I can be Gothic if you give me a face
Have I mentioned I fear to be cast off for Swype?
Moveable me is stored in a case
What am I? TYPE
Rasher to start with praise, over real kindness =
We aren't so different, hairy me and hairless you
Yet you say you're better - despite our same shape -
Because you make oblation to gods and fancy tools use
What am I? APE
Lanai found in stupor, chanting =
Fabric full of holes, not through tailor's oversight
But through glorious design. A touch may hem or neckline grace
Or pair me with a regent and find a flower white
What am I? LACE
Platoon is a body without energy =
With sleep, I gather at your eyes
Though humble now, I come from boulders grand
And from me, with water, a castle can rise
What am I? SAND
Headless boa & rat roadkill make a bloody path =
As a youngster you do me as a prelim
Steps in shallows make you less afraid
Of the coming day you learn to swim
What am I? WADE
Announced a door prize =