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Depth: 187

Solution to Memory Lane

by halftime

Answer: SOAPED

You only really need to care about the first letters of these words. Each sentence could very nearly be a mnemonic for some common sequence. For instance, "Bioluminescent Bubbles Are Over Yonder, Glowing Beneath Vast, Glassy Waters." could be the resistor colors (BBROYGBVGW), except that the third word doesn't start with an R. The original mnemonics are:

Puzzle mnemonic (with "wrong" word bolded)Real orderingSequence
Bioluminescent Bubbles Are Over Yonder, Glowing Beneath Vast, Glassy Waters.BBROYGBVGWresistor colors
Dolphins Keep Pilfering Coral On Dubious Grounds, Sir.DKPCOFGSbiological taxa
Fortunately, Only Greedy Divers Are Especially Belligerent.FCGDAEBthe order of sharps in musical key signatures
Persistent Echolocation May Produce Acceptable Solutions.PEMDASorder of operations
Sea Otters Have Captured Everyone's Hearts; They're Obviously Adorable.SOHCAHTOAtrigonometric functions
Sometimes, Villainous Egomaniacs May Jeopardize Safe Underwater Navigation.MVEMJSUNplanets

The odd words out are ARE, DUBIOUS, ONLY, PRODUCE, EVERYONE'S, and SOMETIMES. Each of these words appears at a different location in its respective sentence; SOMETIMES is the first word, ONLY is the second, etc. Putting the words in this order and reading the first letters (which seems appropriate enough) gives the answer, SOAPED.