Location: Optics Lab


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A man gives a woman a flower; they catch a cloud; they startle a bird; they indirectly cause damage to the Sphinx; she puts her feet up; she pets a horse; he picks an apple; she dips her fingers in the water.

A woman adjusts a bowtie; her eyes dart back and forth; she rights a ladder; she distributes a bouquet of flowers; she adds pepper to soup; she chops vegetables; she slides down a banister; she dances with a broom.

A woman walks down steps; she peeks under the door; a man pushes a cart of pumpkins; she moves a ladder; a sheep tears the corner page of a book; birds fly in formation; three girls swoon; the man climbs a roof.

A couple climbs down a cliff; they walk across rock steps; he jumps using a vine into water; a little girl sees it’s snowing; he pulls her into water; she pushes him back into water; they run in a field; they tumble down a hill.

A woman hands a man his rifle; a royal portrait is covered; she stops him from shooting a bear; she hands him a bear cub; they jump off a cliff and go over a waterfall; she does a cartwheel; two eagles fly to the top of a tree; she scoops up a handful of earth.

A woman turns off the alarm; she gets on the tram; she skids to a stop, but keeps walking; she puts honey and sugar on toast; she catches a plate with her foot; a hair growth treatment goes wrong; a prince arrives; a couple drives off in a yellow car.

A woman picks up a plate; she peeks through the keyhole; she slides down the banister; she picks up three baby birds; she wraps herself in a curtain; she dances with a bust; another woman picks up a candlestick and jar; the first woman ducks underneath a huge cake.

A man air punches in a wrestling ring; another man lights a rocket; the first man holds a menu; he jumps on towers of food; both men juggle a head; lightning strikes; golden elephants dance; camels dance.

A boar uses a leaf to fan a lion; the boar causes monkeys to drop from trees; he drinks water; three animals eat bugs; a couple boards a ship; they walk across a log bridge; they jump into water; the lion shakes off water.

A young woman hugs her parents goodbye; she is thrown into a cold bath; her hair is pulled in multiple directions; she makes a chess move; her neck is measured; two boys play with wooden swords; she takes a bite of an apple; she almost forgets her umbrella.

A man smashes jars with a stick; a woman knocks people down with a stick; he shoots fruit with arrows; she holds an arrow with fruit; she flips onto a sofa; he grabs a fish from a stream; she grabs a man’s foot; she throws an arrow to the ground.

A man plays the piano; a woman uses a pan to protect herself from flying keys; a man shows off six toes; a man dressed as cupid flies around the room; a man makes a bouquet with lilies, skulls, and a rat; a man knits; a man is coerced into singing; a girl receives a pair of gloves.

A woman steps into water; a girl recoils from the windowsill; a hummingbird wakes three turtles; otters leap over the canoe; a beaver builds a dam; the canoe is paddled over a waterfall; they go through a rainbow; she chooses the right fork.

Three ducks hit the bellies of three turtles; grasshoppers rub their legs together; a girl plays with dolls; reeds sound; frogs sit on an oar; tadpoles jump; lightning bugs circle the couple; the couple overturns the boat.

A girl rides a bike down the stairs; a man jumps on top of barrels; a man breaks a barrel of fish with his sword; he uses the fish as pants; a woman swings a broom at the first man; he hides behind a muscle man; men run across coals; men land in fertilizer.

Some men throw swords; a man shakes people’s hands; the people fall on him; he lifts the people up; a girl is caught by a suit of armor; he shows off his muscles; he blows a kiss; he throws gold.

A woman takes off her necklace; two people lean against the same door; the woman releases her cricket; she crosses a bridge; the cricket paddles a lilypad; the cricket follows the woman to a shrine; she bows; she wipes off her makeup.

A man examines a projector; he dances with a woman; he looks through a telescope; he rides a penny-farthing; a service is held; she sketches a bird; the bird flies away; he climbs with her to show her a flock of birds.

A bear dances with a boy; the bear cracks open a coconut using his head; he eats ants; he eats a banana; he grabs food from cactus; they scratch their backs on trees; a young woman curtsies; they float down a river.

A dog and cat jump on top of cars; the dog walks on top of a cement truck; a girl falls over and drops the dolls she was playing with; they walk across wet cement; they get wet from a fire hydrant; they dry from street grates; the dog plays a piano with his tail; dogs pull a dogwalker into the street.