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People and Places

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  • This philosopher dug his own grave.
  • This revolutionary Jesuit priest was executed three days after being excommunicated by the Catholic church.
  • This count is remembered for his abolition of serfdom in his country.
  • Eight years after after his daughter's assassination, this deposed president fled to Jamaica.
  • He has been called "The prince of Bolivian writers".
  • This agronomist saved the sugar industry in the Caribbean.
  • This politician of Chinese heritage succeeded as president after his predecessor's sudden death.
  • When the Surname Law was passed, the name granted to this politician was forbidden to everyone else.
  • This ruler was assassinated at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
  • This former mayor of Mecca participated in equestrianism and falconry in his youth.
  • This university's motto is taken from John 8:32.
  • This ruined fortress near Les Cayes was built in 1804.
  • Founded in 1624, this university is one of the oldest in South America.
  • This is one of two working sugar windmills in the world.
  • This Baroque manor was restored in 2011 after being bombarded during its country's fight for independence.
  • This mausoleum is a possible final resting place of a great Sufi mystic and writer of Anatolian folk poetry.
  • This university was the headquarters of the Orange Revolution.
  • This building in Ma'an was once the residence of the Jordanian royal family.
  • This historical center includes a palace-turned-museum featuring Najdi architecture.
  • This caldera lake drains through the Pansipit River.