Location: Chemistry Lab

Solution to Speak of the Devil Fruit

by Fangfei Shen


This puzzle shows characters from the pirate manga series One Piece. The puzzle title is a reference to Devil Fruits, which all are named in the form of Foo-Foo Fruit (e.g. Gum-Gum Fruit).

The characters are shown in two columns, each in alphabetical given name order. The left column shows Devil Fruit users, while the right column shows non-Fruit users. The characters in the two columns match up in Fruit user / non-Fruit user pairs. For each pair, the fruit user's Devil Fruit name, e.g. "chop" (from Buggy's Chop-Chop Fruit), appears in the non-fruit user's dialogue. Note: The One Piece anime and manga sometimes differ in the English translation of a Devil Fruit.

Each pair's dialogue also contains a single overlapping word. Every one of those overlapping words contains a double instance of a letter, which is the letter to be extracted.

The extracted letters should be put in the alphabetical order of the Devil Fruits to get the answer SEA BEACHES.

Repeated Letter Repeated Word Devil Fruit Dialogue
S miss Bind-Bind Hina: That bastard escaped. Miss Hina is not pleased.
Nami: If we miss the entrance to the Grand Line, we're going to be in a serious bind.
E here Chilly-Chilly Kuzan: Let's see why my friend bet his life on you. Once you follow the ice-covered path, you will escape from here.
Kureha: It gets chilly here at Drum Island, so her frostbite is quite serious.
A bastard Chop-Chop Buggy: What are you saying? That bastard stole all my treasure!
Zoro (Zolo): I'll chop the bastard up.
B grabbed Flower-Flower Robin: I grabbed the South Bird with extra hands before it escaped.
Sanji: Your beauty grabbed my attention. Please accept this flower from me.
E become Gum-Gum Luffy: I'm going to become pirate king.
Usopp: Once I snipe somebody with this Pop Green, they become covered in sticky gum.
A again Love-Love Hancock: Who dared... to put this baby seal in my path again!
Camie: I love that Hachi is selling takoyaki again. He gets a lot of customers.
C check Munch-Munch Wapol: For breakfast, let me check... I ate some cannons and an extra treasure chest.
Vivi: It looks like Karoo wants to munch on fruit. Let's check if there are green apples.
H high Revive-Revive Brook: The Rumbar Pirates will be watching from up high when we see Laboon again.
Franky: I can revive my stamina with some cola. Good thing I sense that my cola reserves are still high.
E see Smoke-Smoke Smoker: Tashigi, we need your attention. What did you see?
Zeff: I see you're taking another smoke, little eggplant. That ruins taste buds.
S boss String-String Doflamingo: You've disgraced your boss. You will no longer follow my crew.
Hachi: I'm trying to string this all together. Wait, so that swordsman wasn't a friend of the boss?