Location: Chemistry Lab

The Accumulator

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The cattle rustler bit his   and hid nervously behind a hay   when he heard the   of police sirens.

We will drink green   as we   in style at the gala  .

My   partner   more Twinkies than any other scientist in our  .

Some of the lions stayed in the gross, dirty  , while the rest   in search of a less   home.

The recently deceased man was pretty   up with the   Reaper, it was   to see.

The TSA wouldn't let the angler bring her fishing   and   of worms onto the  .

I think we should   the election, but I won't tell you my   until you stop making   remarks.

While I was busy consulting my   of London, the   I'd been pushing was stolen by a filthy, homeless  !

Homer Simpson was taking a   when the air   started spewing radioactive  .