Location: School of Fish
Depth: 191

The Hidden City

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CO: Singer (8)
FR: Quality of yielding nothing to sustain life (10)
AU: Abnormally high body temperature (12)
NO: British industrial action (2 words) (6)
RU: Self torturer (9)
EE: Common post-MIT destination (7)
TL: Seats reserved for clergy (7)
NG: Fitting (9)
TR: Learned individual (6)
RU: Noted linguist (7)
IT: Instrument to measure atmospheric pressure (9)
JP: Cary Grant, originally (9)
FI: Around 6% of a cup (10)
FR: Relation based on similarities and differences (10)
IN: Sweet smelling (8)
BE: Evergreen conifer (7)
SN: Timbrel cousin (10)
IQ: Hamster alternatives (7)
ZM: Venetian attractions (8)
TN: One who takes advantage of circumstances (11)