Location: Graveyard
Depth: 301

Solution to Welcome to Dead Waters

by Kaia Dekker

Answer: SUMMER

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The puzzler is presented with five statements; the first insight is that they realize the statements are cryptograms. Instead of English letters, the cryptograms are made up of international phonetic alphabet (also known as IPA) symbols. Each cryptogram should be solved in turn to reveal an English clue phrase written in IPA:

The flavortext hints at a "hoppy" substance, namely India Pale Ale (IPA), a beer renowned for its hoppy taste. Each clue phrase clues a beer whose IPA (international phonetic alphabet) translation is the specified number of letters.

The puzzler should then re-encode each plaintext answer using the key from the corresponding clue phrase. This yields:


Translating from IPA to English, this yields the clue Sam Adams grains of paradise ale = SUMMER, which is the answer.