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Wizardly Tales

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Harry certainly gets himself into a lot of trouble!

Harry receives a challenge to duel to the death, which he accepts. Harry is attacked by a group of dangerous magical creatures, and he has no choice but to fight them off with magic. However, because of this, Harry has to attend a hearing as to whether he would be allowed to continue as a wizard. Later, he attends a charity event, which is interrupted by a group of dangerous humans and fallen angels. Harry riskily rolls the dice and uses magic to control one of his enemies in the confusion. He is captured but is released due to the intervention of an old Japanese man. After having a vision of his godfather dying, Harry infiltrates the magical government, where he and his allies face off against a group of evil wizards.

Harry is blackmailed into finding a book with details on the most powerful necromancer in a thousand years. Evil wizards have taken over the wizarding government, so Harry has no choice but to flee into hiding. He meets a store clerk with a photographic memory, who helps him find information on the book that he needs. Harry infiltrates the magic government and recovers what he needs. However, soon after, there is a falling out among his friends. Down on his luck and his hands tied, Harry makes an elaborate plan to lure a group of demons to his location so he can use them to launch an attack on his enemies. Harry uses a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton to raise a zombie to stop necromancers. He stages one last conflict at his wizard school, where he and his allies fight the dark wizards and their army. Although Harry appears to be killed, he emerges victorious and vanquishes the great evil wizard.

Harry was a young boy who never quite seemed to fit in. He was the only professional of his kind in Chicago, but few would come to him for business. One day, a woman approaches Harry with a job, which he accepts. Harry realizes this job would be too much for him alone, so he calls a friend in the local police force for help. Harry believes that someone is trying to get to a stone that would grant the user immortality. Milton, Harry's informer, tells Harry the location of the stone. Knowing time was running out, Harry takes it upon himself to reach the stone and make sure it is safe. This culminates in a fight with an amateur dark wizard, who sets the surrounding area on fire and uses a giant scorpion to try to kill Harry. Eventually, Harry wins and escapes. Due to his heroic actions, Harry's crimes are forgiven and he is allowed to continue his life undisturbed.

Harry rescues a box of small puppies, but one of them stubbornly stays with Harry. Meanwhile, he is asked by a friend to investigate a string of deaths on the set of an adult entertainment film set. Harry starts undergoing lessons where he visits memories of others to learn about events in the past. He learns that he has a half-brother and is beside himself. However, his half-brother is abducted, and Harry has no choice but to try and save him. Harry finds his brother but is at a disadvantage against a much more powerful demonic entity who proceeds to psychologically torment Harry's friends. Seeing through the demonic entity's poker face, Harry uses his magic to rouse a powerful thunderstorm. However, he is immobilized with magic and has no choice but to watch as his friend and mentor is killed and thrown from the tower.

Harry travels with his friend from the church to deal with a ghost problem in Chicago. Although they are successful, they run into Harry's overprotective godmother, who tries to ensnare Harry, but luckily, they escape. Harry takes a bus and goes to a pub, where he stays for several weeks. He is attacked in his sleep by a strange demon, draining him of much of his magical power. Despite his condition, Harry binds the demon so that it will only attack him. He receives a strange broomstick as a gift, which he is eager to use in an upcoming game, but his friend reports the broomstick to a teacher believing that the broomstick is booby trapped. Luckily, the broomstick is checked and cleared as safe, so Harry is able to use it at the game. At the game, Harry bets on and successfully wins a powerful magical staff. Knowing the demon is coming, Harry confronts and defeats it, regaining his power. Refusing to compromise, Harry rouses the spirits of the ghosts, which destroy the surrounding area, sparking a war.

Harry sees a vision of someone being killed, troubling him. He goes with his good friends to a sporting event, which he greatly enjoys. The sporting game, featuring a team of demons against a team of humans, lasts for 8 hours. After the game, a group of dark wizards make trouble, and the sign of an evil wizard is released to the sky. Harry is forced to investigate a murder by the queen faerie of Winter. On his investigation, he reunites with his long-lost lover, who was thought to be dead. Harry undergoes a series of trials, including having to rescue hostages from the bottom of a lake and face a dragon. Eventually, Harry realizes who was behind the murder, but he is ambushed and left to die. Harry barely escapes with his life and grabs a cup which teleports him back to safety.

Harry is called to investigate a series of murders. At the scene, Harry finds wolfish pawprints, so he consults his talking skull to learn more about werewolves. However, after being framed by an elf, Harry is trapped in his room. Luckily, his friends come to rescue him using a flying car. After receiving a tip from the FBI, Harry goes to confront the local Streetwolves bike gang. Harold Bradley, the leader of the Streetwolves, talks with Harry, but the talks go badly and Harry is badly injured. Needing some way to get more information, Harry drinks a potion that changes his appearance so he can sneak into a restricted area. He eventually realizes that the culprit behind all the incidents and near-deaths is a large snake. In order to save his friends, Harry ventures down into a secret chamber. He is badly injured during the fight, but he is healed through phoenix tears.