Solution - Gaming the System

by Craig Kasper

Answer: Click here to reveal

The letters corresponding to the correct answers to the trivia questions spell ANSWERS WITH. ("SWITH" does happen to be a word, if an obscure one, but it's not the answer; that would be a little too straightforward for even the very simplest hunt puzzle, in the minds of most hunt solvers we know.) "ANSWERS WITH" is incomplete by itself, however?

In the spirit of this videogame secrets quiz, the answer is to apply one of the most famous videogame secrets ever to the quiz answers: the Konami Code (Up up down down left right left right B A, optionally followed by the Start button). Applying the Konami code will result in selecting incorrect answers which are above, below, or to the one side of the correct answer in the first eight questions, and which contain a B (Two, actually, in "BB Gun"), an A (Alpha), and "Start" (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) in the last three questions. The letters corresponding to these questions spell "LONG A SOUNDS". The answers in the quiz which have long A sounds are (N) in question 2, (E) in question 5, (R) in question 6, (D) in quesion 10, and (S) in question 11.