Reward: Item or Gold!
The minstrels perform a brief dramatic interlude featuring characters they describe as “ladies the Bard would write about, were he alive today.” It’s horrendous, yet the crowd keeps cheering “Bravo!”

CHORUS: We merry wives do hail from sea to sea,
now shall we introduce ourselves to thee!

AULA: How now, I have returned to share enlight-
enment. Kind greetings, common wenches all!

BLOVIET: Thou mustn’t loathe me for that I am fair;
and yet, as I keep hither, do despise.

CYUNA: Me, once I was a beggar, thence found wealth
thence fell to beggary once more; ’tis true
wealth brings facility.

DOSY: Forsooth I earn-
eth not my wage, though riches I do heart-
ily dispense.

ELYRDA: Though once I served encouragement
to herdsmen, in this Meadow Town,
aside the field I doth not tarry.

t’were I a spade, mine edge indeed may lack
acuity, yet bonny still I be.

GLIELE: Most verily, attractiveness is might,
but one must wield it with ability.

HANNORY: But above all: do proffer prettily
your truth, and tote accessories in style.

ISLIDA: And yet, to cast this young fowl to a lair
of catamounts, such thing would make great sport.

CHORUS: Thou finds’t our homes arranged from A to P,
And learn another wife’s identity!