By Nancy Taubenslag

Each of the dance segments is an excerpt from a Dance Your PhD submission between 2010 and 2016. Solvers must identify each video segment and determine what concept the dancers represent within the segment.

Solvers must then enter these concepts (which are presented in alphabetical order in the video segments) into the rows of blanks (with the length and one letter given in each to help fix their positions). Each segment shows a certain number of dancers; solvers must use that number as an index into the concept to extract a letter.

Letter Video Name Year Segment Concept # of dancers
H Guarding and Robbing Behavior in Social Insects 2011 2 Honeybee 1
Y Studying the DNA Repair Dance: Using Evolution
to Find Important Components of Enzymes
2010 1 Enzymes 4
D Dance Your PhD - 2015 - Florence Metz 2015 3 Industry 3
R Audience Choice award & Chemistry Prize Winner
- The NETS
2015 5 Neutrophils 5
A Tropoelastin: An elastic and interactive molecule 2015 7 Tropoelastin 8
T Plant stress response 2014 6 Proteins 4
E Synapses and RIM 2016 4 Neurons 2

The answer is HYDRATE.