By Tanis O'Connor and Chad Brown
Answer: PETSIT

This puzzle is based on the glyph language used in the augmented reality game Ingress. There’s a canonical meaning for all the glyphs you can hack in the game (hacking is jargon for using the language in-game to get stuff) and it’s detailed, among other places, at Glyphtionary.

  • Incompatibility - CONFLICT
  • Quality represented by Crane badge - COURAGE
  • Keep enemies away from - DEFEND
  • Journey’s end - DESTINATION
  • Science magazine "for the curious" - DISCOVER
  • Age of Reason - ENLIGHTENMENT
  • The mind-killer - FEAR
  • Position in which a golf ball sits - LIE
  • Captain Red Herring’s _____ Island - MYSTERY
  • Obad-hai’s portfolio - NATURE
  • Show set in Arkwright Provisions, with Hours - OPEN ALL
  • Point of view - PERSPECTIVE
  • Two-pointer - SAFETY
  • Recently replaced Longhorns coach - STRONG
  • If sufficiently advanced, it’s indistinguishable from magic - TECHNOLOGY
  • Hand in glove - TOGETHER
  • Like a set of real numbers not contained in any finiteinterval - UNBOUNDED
  • It merged with Sirius in 2008 - XM

Each diagram has a base color that matches three clues in the list. Each diagram contains one bonus glyph. When lines of a glyph overlap, the color advances one step in ROYGBV for each glyph that overlaps. Enumerations below each glyph give the number of “strokes” it takes to draw the glyphs (each “stroke” is a straight line that ends and/or begins in a change of direction.) In the game, you’re drawing these continuously without lifting your finger/pen.

Bonus glyphs (the first in each row below):

  • Orange - LIBERATE
  • Yellow - TRUTH
  • Green - SIMPLE
  • Blue - DESTINY
  • Violet - WORTH

Each ? is the stroke enumeration for the missing glyph. Index into the glyph’s definition by the stroke enumeration and you get PETSIT.

Contemplate Destination Discover Enlightenment
2,3,7,? Contemplate Destination Discover Enlightenment
Liberate Conflict Courage Safety
5,3,3,? Liberate Conflict Courage Safety
Truth Unbounded Together XM
3,10,5,? Truth Unbounded Together XM
Simple Fear Mystery Nature
3,5,5,? Simple Fear Mystery Nature
Destiny Destination Open All Strong
4,9,4,? Destiny Destination Open All Strong
Worth Defend Perspective Technology
2,4,3,? Worth Defend Perspective Technology