By Wesley Graybill and James Douberley
Lobdell (NOTE: Changed from The Green Building Dot), Saturday 1900 hours

We need to unite to find order within a mayhem-filled world. Send two warmly-dressed recruits with good communication skills to create order out of mayhem. Bring an internet-enabled device.

Fear recommends that if you feel light-headed…

Due to poor communication among Life & Order team members (read: technical difficulties), this event was relocated from The Green Building Dot to Lobdell Dining Hall.

When teams arrived, they were instructed to open a web app on their smartphones. Teams were issued usernames and passwords and told that they were in control of a single pixel on the Green Building simulator. The web app allowed teams to swap positions of their pixels with other teams.

The goal of the event was to arrange the pixels into the shape of the Head Hunters logo. When this was accomplished, teams were given the answer, KEEP IT TOGETHER.