The creature heavily damaged Nostromo’s fusion reactor. Now it barely even powers the distress beacon. This far out in space, will anyone hear us anyway?
What will give the Nostromo’s crew a chance?

After that thing burst out of Kane and skittered out of here, we split the crew up to try and capture it. Each crew member was assigned a set of two adjacent compartments to keep watch over. We’ve had sightings in each one. It almost looks like the creature is searching the ship. We’ve marked our sightings of it in each compartment, and here’s what we can tell about its behavior:

  • It entered and exited each compartment exactly once, ending where it began.
  • It never visited the same point twice.
  • It traveled counter-clockwise overall.
  • It traveled next to at least one side of each grid segment of bulkhead between compartments.

What is it looking for? How long it traveled in each compartment is surely half of the answer to the puzzle.