By Kevin Hwang and Hubert Hwang
Answer: BE MEAN

These are the puzzle answers from this section (given here in alphabetical order):

  • BUSH
  • JADE
  • LENT
  • RIM

The mention of badges and the youngsters’ names (Tim and Kim) should point solvers towards the direction of gym badges, which are earned in the Pokémon game for defeating gym leaders.

The puzzles in this round have titles that rhyme with badges from the original series (Red/Blue/Yellow).

Puzzle TitleRhyming BadgeBadge OrderPuzzle Answer
Older and WiserBoulder Badge1BUSH
Mass AidCascade Badge2LENT
Under ControlThunder Badge3RIM
Vain SnowballRainbow Badge4JADE
Shoal PatrolSoul Badge5YARDARM
Harsh Financial ScrutinyMarsh Badge6CEILING

Sorting the six puzzles by gym order and diagonalizing produces the answer, BE MEAN.